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ILM Brings Vision, Expertise To SAP Mobile App Projects

AsEnterprise Mobile Apps a software technology company growing rapidly in the SAP mobile space, we at enosiX rely on development partners that are drawn to emerging technologies, and who take an active role in consulting their clients on how to get better results from their projects.

We’ve found one such partner in ILM, and are really excited to team up with them in delivering mobile app solutions to clients looking to mobilize their SAP business processes for a more efficient and competitive workforce.

ILM specializes in building fully integrated, custom web and mobile applications to solve client business needs. They approach this by first understanding the business itself, and then working with the stakeholders to determine the features and overall user experience that will deliver value in the short and long-term.

“ILM is excited to partner with such a forward thinking organization and such an advanced product suite”, says JD Dietrich, Director of Consulting Services at ILM. “Utilizing the enosiX Framework enables ILM to provide deeper value and more comprehensive development services to our clients.”

“ILM is a perfect partner for what enosiX is working to accomplish. They show expertise in multi-platform frameworks with a concentration on custom, native mobile solutions for the enterprise. They’re recognized leaders in their regional area of Minnesota hosting the Minnesota Developers Conference to a sold out crowd for the last decade. They’re true visionaries that are passionate about the work they do just like us. It’s going to be a lot of fun building apps with them, and showing the world how mobility can improve business.”

ILM has proven their ingenuity for delivering solutions on large-scale technology projects for a wide range of clients including General Mills, 3M, and Thomson Reuters. With the enosiX Framework in their toolbox, their skilled .NET developers will access SAP backend systems in a simple and intuitive way to build mobile apps that leverage company data along with the unique functionality that makes smart devices so useful.

To see how ILM can help you achieve your mobility goals with enosiX get in touch with their team HERE.

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