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ChaiOne Announces Strategic Partnership with enosiX

ChaiOne Announces Strategic Partnership with enosiX to Bring Superior Mobile SAP User Experience to the Enterprise


ChaiOne, a mobile technology agency in Houston TX, is announcing a new partnership to bring superior mobile user experiences to users of SAP. By using enosiX’s framework, ChaiOne is now able to bring their industry renowned user-centered design to apps that simplifies and optimizes the mobile experience on SAP.

Using the enosiX framework, ChaiOne is able to preserve native design and unique experiences by removing many of the limitations imposed by other high cost platforms. For SAP users, this means that the apps necessary for maintaining a competitive edge are now user-friendly and more cost effective than ever. For developers, enosiX enables simplified and rapid access to backend systems like SAP without the need for specialized SAP skills or knowledge.

“Today it is even more important that users of applications for business have an experience that fits into the context of their work and their working conditions,” said Jared Huke, Director of UX and Design at ChaiOne. “EnosiX enables us to multiply the benefits of an ERP by providing a mobile experience that is made specifically for a company’s users.”

On average, the enosiX framework reduces the cost of integration by up to 50%. This is achieved by eliminating the complexity through their .NET framework and lowering the cost of resources needed to complete an integration. enosiX’s Smart Business Objects deliver up to 80% of integration with SAP out of the box. These Smart Business Objects allow all custom SAP implementations of any size or versioning to be supported.

“Mobile apps are critical for enterprises to remain competitive, and as a result most IT departments are inundated with endless business requests for apps. Until now, the existing tools and methods made it difficult to keep up,” said Philippe Jardin, President and Co-Founder of enosiX, Inc. “In ChaiOne we have a powerful mobility partner that will eliminate that bottleneck for their enterprise customers. We are looking forward to seeing their UI/UX expertise translate into the SAP world.”

“The EnosiX platform enables our engineers to bring SAP to a native mobile experience without additional infrastructure or maintenance and keeps our team focused on the mobile experience rather than weighty SAP business logic,” said Travis Fischer, ChaiOne’s Director of Engineering.

About ChaiOne
Founded in 2008, ChaiOne is a Mobile Technology Agency helping the largest publicly traded enterprises innovate and run effectively. Through ChaiOne’s mobile digital transformation process, they help to unlock untapped opportunities. ChaiOne creates digital products using a combination of user insights research, data driven design and world-class mobile and IoT technologies.

About enosiX, Inc.
The enosiX Framework enables .NET developers to create apps that access ERP back end systems with incomparable ease. Based in the Cincinnati area, enosiX boasts a worldwide customer base of more than 100 SAP users leveraging the Framework to quickly create, deploy, and maintain native apps that mobilize business processes and make them more competitive.