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EnosiX Announces Strategic Partnership With Zynexa

enosiX and Zynexa to bring highly functional, feature-rich and cost-effective usability, mobility, intelligent integration and IoT solutions to meet the business challenges of the global SAP end user community with speed and cost efficiency unmatched by traditional methods.

CINCINNATI, OH (PRWEB) March 08, 2016

Enterprise software developer enosiX, Inc. today announced a partnership with Zynexa to bring highly-functional, feature rich and cost effective usability, mobility, intelligent integration and IoT solutions to meet the business challenges of the global SAP end user community with speed and cost efficiency unmatched by traditional methods.

Douglassville, Pennsylvania based Zynexa has entered in to a strategic partnership with Cincinnati, Ohio based technology start-up firm enosiX, Inc. The companies recently formed the partnership to leverage synergies for the purpose of addressing the business challenges of SAP install base companies and enabling use case solutions with Zynexa’s strategic consulting, industry expertise, agile methodologies, tools and experience in concert with the innovative and paradigm changing power of the enosiX Framework. Zynexa’s partners bring years of proven experience serving their clients across multiple industries, use cases and the ability to build solutions in an agile and cost effective manner. In addition to strategic consulting, Zynexa also has a team of talented technical resources that specialize in the enosiX Framework, SAP ABAP, .NET, Xamarin, Microsoft, Salesforce and a myriad of other technical disciplines.

In parallel, enosiX continues to work closely with Zynexa to enhance the SAP certified software enosiX Framework and related components to address a seemingly endless number of usability, mobility, intelligent integration and IoT use cases that ultimately drives accelerated client results and business initiative return on investment (ROI) in a manner unmatched in the marketplace. The power of enosiX continues to be realized daily through the ability to be industry and platform agnostic in addition to enabling the large .NET community of developers to deliver enterprise mobility and backend system to backend system integration solutions with SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft and a growing portfolio of ERP investments.

“The strategic partnership with enosiX will ensure that the innovative and powerful enosiX Framework will be further developed over the long term and in a focused manner. At Zynexa, we will be able to focus on serving our customers and solving their business challenges with the enosiX Framework that is truly a game changing technology fully in alignment with our agile and cost effective approach to the marketplace,” comments Kevin McManus, CEO at Zynexa.

About Zynexa:
ZYNEXA is a management consulting and system integration services firm solely focused on Technology Transformations. We specialize in assisting clients to innovate and embark on critical business and technology change within the context of today’s business altering, macro-trends we call innovative disruptive technologies, such as: Big Data & Analytics, Cloud, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Mobility, and Social Media.

About enosiX, Inc:
Based in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, enosiX is a software development firm. Whether your business initiative enablement requires close attention to a rich end user experience, better overall system usability, the extension of integrated business processes to mobile devices or “intelligently integrated” back end systems, enosiX has you covered.

OUR MISSION: Enable developers and enterprises to easily create ERP integrated business applications
TODAY: enosiX supports .NET, Xamarin. SharePoint, Salesforce and Starter Kit App integration with SAP
TOMORROW: SAP intelligent integration with Microsoft, Oracle and NetSuite
CUSTOMERS: More than 100+ SAP install base customer’s worldwide trust the enosiX Framework to deliver the most cost effective, agile and robust solutions for a seemingly endless number of business challenges.

For more information, please visit some examples of “Customer Use Cases