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Novus’ CPQ Podcast: How SAP/Salesforce CPQ Integration Benefits the Customer

Last week, our CEO Gerald Schlechter spoke with Frank Sohn of Novus’ CPQ Podcast. They discussed Gerald’s background in SAP, how he saw the need for enterprises to make SAP data and business processes easily available in Salesforce, and his thoughts on the recent SAP acquisition of Callidus Cloud.

“If you’re a salesperson working in Salesforce, you would work with Opportunities, Contacts, and Pricing, but a lot of the data that is executed by your enterprise back-end system, like Order Fulfillment, Inventory, Available to Promise, Complex Contract Pricing, Invoices, and so on. Everything you need for a 360 degree view of the customer is missing.

Today’s tools are typically ETL tools that can enable that but it’s more download and upload, and it’s very static. Data is outdated, the customer knows more than the salesperson that actually talks to the customer—and that’s a huge problem.”

Gerald explains how enosiX differs from traditional middleware by delivering a flexible, lightweight integration that allows clients to easily “activate” SAP data. The technology enables enterprises to tap into existing price books and configurations in SAP (including Variant Configuration) from Salesforce in real-time without replicating it, or any sort of dual maintenance. This brings tremendous speed-to-value and scale.

Listen to the podcast to hear more about how enosiX’s integration technology optimizes the Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) process for enterprises, and why the CEO of a manufacturing company said, “speed will win enosiX the market.”

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