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Creating a Better Customer Experience with enosiX + Salesforce Customer 360°

Salesforce recently announced the Customer 360, a new way for companies to unify and manage customer data across Salesforce service, marketing, and commerce apps. Expected to officially launch in 2019, Customer 360 will make it easier for companies to gain a single, holistic customer profile to enable better cross-channel customer experiences.

At enosiX, we could not be more excited about this initiative from Salesforce. We created our SAP Customer 360° product with the same vision: to provide a better, more customer-centric experience by providing companies with a full customer profile in a single view. The SAP Customer 360° by enosiX complements the Salesforce Customer 360 product by enhancing dynamic customer information in Salesforce to include SAP data.

Here’s more information on our SAP Customer 360° app:

SAP Customer 360° – Click-based UI for app and data management

The SAP Customer 360° provides Salesforce administrators the ability to drag and drop SAP information on the screen to relate real-time SAP information. Native Lightning components complement the existing information residing within the Salesforce system. Utilizing our dynamic components, the appropriate information is delivered to the users that should see it—all in a familiar UI delivering the best experience for your users.

SAP Customer 360° – Reconciled 360 ID and profile across apps

Map and use appropriate SAP IDs to any fields on any object within Salesforce. Our solution is flexible enough to accommodate even the most custom SAP instance. Utilizing Salesforce metadata, the SAP Customer 360° by enosiX can utilize any field for SAP IDs, including the new Customer 360 ID. This will help provide SAP information to all applicable objects residing in Salesforce.  

SAP Customer 360° – Pre-built packages for Service, Marketing, and Commerce

The enosiX SAP Customer 360° by enosiX provides pre-built integrations in the form of configurable lightning components for:

  • Customer Company
  • Customer Credit
  • Customer Detail
  • Customer Partners
  • Customer Sales Areas
  • Delivery Detail
  • Delivery Search
  • Invoice Detail
  • Invoice Search
  • Sales Doc Details Header
  • Sales Doc Details Items
  • Sales Doc Details Partners
  • Sales Doc Details Status
  • Sales Doc Search
  • Customer Specific Opportunity Pricing
  • Sales Doc Flow

enosiX and MuleSoft

Existing MuleSoft users can utilize the upcoming enosiX add-on for the Anypoint Platform to accomplish the heavy-lifting required on the SAP side, while those customers who don’t need MuleSoft can directly connect to SAP using enosiX. Our next-generation integration tools  facilitate either integration, allowing your organization to scale when appropriate.

The SAP Customer 360° by enosiX completes the picture of your customer by relating and providing relevant real-time SAP data. Interested in learning how the SAP Customer 360 can enhance your customer experience? Check it out on the Salesforce AppExchange, or schedule a demo.

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