7 Reasons to Connect Salesforce B2B Commerce with SAP ERP That You Can’t Ignore

Meet customer expectations, create internal efficiencies, and reach revenue goals

Key Takeaways:

  • B2B customers want the same connected experience as B2C customers
  • To provide the experience they want, as well as create internal efficiencies, companies must integrate Salesforce B2B Commerce with their SAP ERP
  • Integration provides a number of benefits that create happy customers
  • Integration also creates staff efficiencies and helps sales reps get complete transparency into the details of every transaction
  • While other integration providers offer part of the solution, enosix offers a total solution that’s will get your systems connected in 70% to 90% less time

Today’s B2B buyers expect a B2C-like connected and relevant online purchasing experience, and that is only possible when Salesforce B2B Commerce has seamless integration with your SAP ERP. In addition to creating happy customers, your company will be able to streamline processes and reach enterprise-wide revenue goals.

Integrating Salesforce B2B Commerce and SAP ERP creates better customer interactions because you can provide them with the products, services, and support they need and want in real-time with 100% accuracy. It puts an end to disappointed customers, inventory snafus, and pricing confusion.

B2B customers have a unique set of needs and wants that make them different from B2C buyers. Many applications have B2B interfaces or service offerings that address some of these factors. However, a true B2B commerce integration solution requires a streamlined approach that integrates the right data to create an optimal experience for both you and your customer.

Let’s talk about the great reasons to connect Salesforce B2B Commerce with SAP, how long implementation usually takes, and how you can speed it up by 70% to 90%.

A truly complete solution

Your eCommerce site may look great, but your customers are going to run into issue after issue if Salesforce B2B Commerce isn’t able to pull in the necessary data from your SAP ERP. In addition, integrating SAP means key data from across the enterprise can be used to make your internal teams more productive and efficient.

Integration means you have a connection between Salesforce and everything in SAP. This provides the data necessary to optimize each and every customer interaction, which offers your clients the experience they expect and creates efficiencies for your enterprise.

7  reasons to connect Salesforce B2B Commerce and SAP ERP

Salesforce B2B commerce already offers features designed to transform how businesses connect with their customers at every stage of their journey, seamlessly creating a point of transition between channels. This means your business is supported for every medium and each point of engagement.

By integrating Salesforce B2B Commerce with SAP, you’re creating something that works not just for your customers, but for your entire company. Here’s why:

1.  Provide real-time product availability

B2B Commerce Integration with your SAP ERP means that your company and your customers remain in sync. SAP monitors current inventory, so when it’s integrated with Salesforce B2B Commerce, it shows if inventory is available to fulfill a customer order — before they hit that order button.

2. Offer accurate, customer-specific pricing

All of your discounts and customer-tailored pricing are stored in SAP.  While you can display that information in Salesforce B2B Commerce, it takes integration to keep those rules up to date and make sure they translate to the customer’s shopping cart. Real-time, bi-directional updates through integration with SAP means you don’t have to maintain the information in multiple places, and it avoids customer-frustrating errors — which is especially important if you have complex pricing and configuration logic.

3. Make self-service a seamless experience

Without integration, your customers can only see their order history if the orders were placed through the eCommerce site. Integrating the e-commerce frontend with SAP gives them the ability to view, track, and review their order history from all sources — in real-time, so they are armed with the information they need to make another purchase. This also decreases calls to customer service.

4. Increase employee efficiency

It’s not only customers who benefit from integration. All customer-facing employees and sales reps will have more confidence in the information they’re using to assist customers. There will be only one true source, which means faster answers for customers and quicker decisions by staff.

5. Eliminate incorrect orders

Integration means orders are created and validated in SAP in real-time with all your custom business logic applied. This means orders are always correct.

6. Real-time shopping cart validation

Accurate orders can be created as soon as a shopping cart is submitted because pricing, tax, configuration, and shipping have already been validated with information from SAP.

7. Transparency

Integration between Salesforce B2B Commerce and your SAP ERP means your sales team can see all the details of quotes, orders, invoices, deliveries, and other information. This informs their sales strategy for upsells and down sells.

Integration solutions usually take months, but with the right provider, your time-to-value can be increased dramatically.

enosix Commerce brings your Salesforce B2B Commerce site to life fast

With all the benefits of integrating Salesforce B2B Commerce with your SAP ERP, you don’t want to wait months to start optimizing the customer experience and realize the increased internal efficiencies.

enosix Commerce gives your customers the features they want while increasing overall business agility and reducing maintenance. This innovative, pre-built solution ties together Salesforce B2B Commerce and SAP ECC or S/4HANA.

Time-to-value has never been shorter because our entry package will have your initial integration complete in less than a month, which is 70% to 90% shorter than other solutions. In addition, Lightning components allow your sales team to view everything right inside

The Benefits of integrating SAP with Salesforce B2B Commerce are too great to ignore

Our pre-built app can get you live months faster than other solutions, and we can do it all remotely, so you don’t have to wait to get started.

Schedule a demo with us today to learn more about our integration capabilities and the potential it has to transform your business.

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