You Can’t Deliver a Salesforce Customer 360 Experience Without SAP Data

Salesforce Customer 360 is about unifying data to create a complete, seamless view of customers from pre-purchase through reorder and support –translating into a superior customer experience from start to finish. This personalized customer experience requires thoughtful integrations and a commitment to creating, and leveraging, a single, unified, real-time data set. 

For manufacturers and other large enterprises, this Customer 360 initiative starts to fall apart when they realize they need to access data inside SAP ECC or S/4HANA. Critical customer data lives inside SAP–from pricing discounts, to part availability, to order status, configurable goods, and more. Getting that information inside Salesforce–to achieve an accurate Customer 360 view–requires enosix.

One Screen For All: Maximizing Salesforce as the System of Engagement

Organizations that have invested in Salesforce are looking for more than a run-of-the-mill CRM. They are looking to create a unified system of engagement where they can see prospects, customers, service requests, quotes, orders, returns, and more. Those same organizations have dedicated years–even decades–in building out a highly customized, robust SAP ERP with thousands of data points within the Lead-to-Cash process, that can enrich a solution like Salesforce.

Enter enosix. As a certified Salesforce partner, enosix combines deep SAP expertise with any Salesforce cloud. The result is SAP data presented directly inside Salesforce–in real time–without data duplication or replication.

Staying within the Salesforce UI, Salesforce users can access:

  • Order status, including tracking numbers
  • Available configuration options
  • Per-account/per-location discount levels, tax variations, and ship-to exclusions
  • Accurate quotes reflecting account-specific negotiated discounts
  • Part availability for field service requests


Real-time information is critical for these data points. If a part is marked out-of-stock in SAP, but the sales team is still quoting it–you are creating significant friction in your customer experience. enosix uses data virtualization to create a window into SAP, directly inside Salesforce–any cloud, any screen, any SAP data. This eliminates swivel-chair actions for employees while also delivering improved productivity, enhanced employee satisfaction, and increased customer service. 

Creating a complete Customer 360 view by incorporating SAP data also enables organizations to get the most out of their Salesforce investment. Similar to an ERP, organizations invest significant resources into their front-end systems. Leveraging SAP data within the system of engagement, like Salesforce, increases user adoption, removes data replication, and reduces the risk of human error–making the Salesforce investment even more fruitful.

Salesforce Customer 360 allows businesses to create a single, comprehensive profile of each customer, consolidating data from sales, service, marketing, and other relevant interactions. The goal is to enable organizations to deliver personalized and consistent experiences to customers, irrespective of the channels they use to engage with the company. For SAP-based organizations, this 360 view must include data from inside SAP.  Learn more about how enosix uniquely presents real-time SAP data inside Salesforce or contact us to discuss your unique Salesforce-SAP data integration needs.

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