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There is a trinity of forces driving modern business, and it is composed of e-commerce, direct data access, and first-class customer service. Online sales — always a massive market — have hit new highs in the wake of COVID-19. Expected to account for a third of all sales by 2024, the surge in online buying looks set to continue. What is more, the pandemic has accelerated the shift online for B2B buyers.

The competition is huge, and customers are coming fast. They expect the businesses they support to provide their data swiftly and accurately.

It is the enosix mission to be that game-changer for your organization. Our Salesforce and SAP-certified Commerce solution allows for native, real-time, bi-directional communication between platforms with minimal effort to set up, configure, and manage. Here is how it can help you dominate your B2B e-commerce market.

Old-school integrations only tie up processes and your people

Traditional approaches to integration provided by middleware just do not have the efficiency and speed that today’s real-time operations require. Some software providers will tell you they can effectively connect SAP to Salesforce (or other CRM systems), but they are doing it in outmoded ways – using the standard SAP JCo connector that was never designed to support real-time processes and requires rebuilding your business logic in the middleware.

The laborious importing, exporting and syncing fields required by such solutions as iPaas and ETL only add unnecessary complexity to an already complex situation (they also tend to be enterprise-wide and not focused on B2B). They are a drain on time, resources and typically rely on trying to keep data in the front-end CRM, where that data now exists in a separate location from the SAP ERP system but has to be kept in sync.  And the large number of API calls needed to accomplish anything leads to poor performance.

There is no place for these performance killers in today’s B2B Commerce space, especially with the high price tag attached to them and the maintenance nightmares they can become.

Why enosix Commerce is more than a middleman

enosix streamlines the process by taking a new approach to integration that goes beyond yesterday’s point-to-point/field-to-field data mapping style.

Our integration framework is built on the application layer and can operate with most Salesforce clouds — including B2B Commerce — and SAP ECC or S/4 HANA, delivering increased performance speed and value by virtualizing most data and only syncing the key data needed in the front end (typically customers and products), as well as allowing for pricing and order creation to be executed right in SAP. This makes more effective use of front-end systems by utilizing backend ERP customer data, which makes life much easier for your customers — no more submitting an order only to get a correction the next day when it fails to properly load into SAP.

As for flexibility, enosix Commerce provides unprecedented levels of adaptation should you alter your SAP by adjusting payment terms, adding or deleting products, or changing sales areas. Traditional approaches require new code to be written, as well as mapping, testing, and project management exercises, meaning further productivity hold-ups.

Our solution makes any new conditions available in Salesforce the moment they are made in SAP. Immediately. It is that simple, and it is all presented in a future-proof package that is pre-built for all B2B Salesforce clouds while scaling effectively across organizations.

The real-world effects of enosix

Our solution prioritizes accuracy and ease for you and your customers by preserving everyone’s most precious asset: Time.

Since our solution is pre-built, our APIs cut integration and development cycles to a minimum when connecting Salesforce B2B Commerce and SAP, reducing implementation time and expense by 60% to 80%. Our solution can get you 80% set-up on the first day and at full integration within only a few weeks.

Your customers will be able to immediately view their order history and details online instead of taking valuable productivity time away from your team by calling or emailing for updates. Even if customers do make contact, sales reps will have the instant access to information they need to react quickly and confidently. Customer data (including orders, invoices, and deliveries) is always current in Salesforce with enosix Commerce.

Real-time inventory awareness is make-or-break

Crucially, enosix Commerce also allows businesses to guarantee the availability of inventory before customers place an order, thus avoiding the dead-end of hitting them with an out of stock (OOS) response. “Stock-outs mean walk-outs” as the saying goes. Reduced sales, lost customer loyalty, and more stem from lack of real-time inventory awareness.

This may be costing retailers $1 trillion, but your profits needn’t be part of that casualty. With enosix Commerce, up-to-date product data creates confidence for customers that clicking “Order” will do precisely that. Customers also benefit from specific, real-time pricing while your team generates accurate order data in the SAP the moment a shopping cart is submitted.

Simply put, enosix Commerce creates a B2C experience for your B2B buyer. Connect with us and see exactly how much simpler we can make it. At enosix, we are setting the new standard for SAP integration. Our products are designed to empower customers by creating a full, seamless, and bi-directional connection between front-end systems of engagement and the SAP ERP. Request a demo to see us in action, call 844-436-6749, or visit our contact page to send us a question.

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