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Citizen Integrators: How PIP and iPaaS Can Drive Digital Transformation and Automation

The world of data integration is changing. Gone are the days of needing IT professionals with complex coding and custom coding experience to complete integration tasks. Instead, enterprises are increasingly relying on “citizen integrators” to complete integration projects and advance digital transformation and automation. However, citizen integrators need to leverage the right tools and technology to complete any integration projects quickly, efficiently, and accurately.  

Both iPaaS and enosix packaged integration process (PIP) technology have proven crucial for digital transformation and automation projects, especially in businesses with limited IT resources.  

Digital transformation is achieved with the automation and infrastructure of integration for improved decision making. Speed, agility, insights, and self-service are all outcomes of digital transformation and automation that enterprises need to scale growth.  

But what is a citizen integrator? What role does iPaaS specifically play in this? We examine all of that and more in detail here.  

What is a Citizen Integrator?

Citizen integrators, also sometimes called Super Users or Citizen Automators, are IT users and non-IT professionals who use no-code tools, including drag-and-drop technology, to integrate the business systems they use, enabling automation.  

They’re typically tech-savvy individuals but not IT professionals, often working in fields like sales, finance, customer support, HR, and marketing. For example, a business analyst who handles vast amounts of data on a daily basis could become a citizen integrator easily with the help of PIP technology – predefined application integrations designed to standardize, accelerate, and automate business practices. 

Using citizen integrators offers many benefits for companies, including: 

  • Less manual tasks 
  • Greater productivity 
  • Fewer burdens on IT teams 
  • Quick deployment 
  • Increased business agility 
  • Simple maintenance  
  • Low/no cost integration ability 

Due to their numerous benefits, more and more enterprise corporations are employing citizen integrators – a trend certain to continue in the future. enosix’s fully built, configurable and customizable PIP technology enables citizen integrators to complete their integration projects quickly and easily.  

What Role Does iPaaS Play in Digital Transformation and Automation?

iPaaS technology can play a key role in digital transformation and automation, including helping citizen integrators complete complex integrations.  

iPaaS can help businesses build, manage, and deploy integrations quickly and efficiently. Leveraging this technology, citizen integrators can drive digital transformation, even with large-scale integration tasks.  

How so? iPaaS, combined with PIPs, allows citizen integrators to build, deploy, and maintain integrations rapidly live, on-premise or in the cloud using low or no-code technology. This reduces integration time, frees up resources, and allows IT professionals to concentrate on other tasks.  

By rapidly building integrations and automating tasks, iPaaS plays a key role for enterprise corporations. When leveraged with PIPs, iPaaS technology allows enterprises to turn just about anyone into a citizen integrator.  

enosix’s PIP Technology Can Leverage Your iPaaS Investment and Help Citizen Integrators

enosix’s prepackaged SAP integrations and purpose-built framework offers last-mile data virtualization for both iPaaS and non iPaaS users. Leveraging real-time data, enosix’s technology increases time-to-market, reduces risk, and gives you the ability to tackle any type of SAP integration.  

With low or no-code PIP technology, enosix lets business realize value in weeks – not months. And PIPs reduce potential errors with pre-tested configurations that map common processes directly to SAP (without having to understand SAP configurations or lexicon). Using data virtualization to unlock authorizations, business processes, data, and user permissions directly from SAP means there’s no replication or batch updates on the front-end, delivering back-end translation in a bi-directional, real-time integration. 

Leveraging SAP’s complex business logic – including configurable pricing – has always been an SAP integration challenge. enosix’s connector can complete the last-mile of SAP integration in real-time, without the latency of data replication or syncing. Using SAP-certified API framework, enosix delivers real-time solutions secured for SAP customers – all without any coding, training, or designing necessary. 

enosix’s MuleSoft partnership, for example, offers an enterprise solution for last-mile SAP integration. Providing leverage for iPaaS solutions like MuleSoft for SAP integrations in real-time, enosix’s PIP technology is crucial for transformation and integration projects of all sizes. Certified for both S/4HANA and SAP ECC, enosix’s SAP connector for MuleSoft enables rapid integration for SAP customers on both versions.  

With enosix’s PIP technology and iPaaS partnerships, citizen integrators can tackle digital transformation initiatives quickly, efficiently, and accurately. PIPs make integration easier, more robust, and more economical by giving citizen integrators the tools they need right at their fingertips and lessening the burden on IT professionals. By leveraging citizen integrator, enterprises can activate a large portion of their workforce as a resource to perform integrations and accelerate digital transformation – lessening the load on already-tasked IT teams.  

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