Creating Business-Oriented Metrics with SAP Integration


Equip customer-facing employees with real-time SAP data

ERP systems like SAP are the backbone of business operations, but running solely on this framework can significantly hinder the ability of customer-facing employees to perform as needed.

Like other IT systems in any business, the inner workings and information of an ERP are really only valuable to a select group of users. To be valuable to other employees and divisions of the business, that information often has to be ‘translated’ or integrated into other applications.

SAP is no different. For most organizations, their SAP database is complex and data-ridden. It’s workable for the expert users who use it every day, but the information other departments need — particularly sales and customer service — is not readily available. Oftentimes, this results in IT needing to pull data and reports for the company or those users needing to call an “expert” to get the data they need. It slows down operations and hinders the ability of employees to give customers a great experience.

Moving away from this delivery model to a model based on business-oriented and customer-centric applications requires integration between the ERP system and the CRM. Syncing SAP to the Salesforce CRM with enosix, for example, centralizes customer data into one access point. This empowers CRM users with SAP-level insights to react, serve, and perform with greater speed and accuracy.

Better Business Workflows

enosix’s framework is designed with business processes and workflows in mind. ABAP objects sit on the SAP app layer, incorporating process orchestration, functions, authentication, authorization, and auditing. Real-time data virtualization enables front-end usage. This means that when you create an order in Salesforce, that order is not only created in SAP, but all of the right custom workflows are triggered as well.

enosix’s presentation layer also renders dynamic front-end interfaces, so workflows like opportunity-to-cash are easily accessible and readable. Various departments can configure unique workflows to bring pertinent data into the CRM, right at their fingertips.

Clarify pricing structures

Pricing structures can get incredibly complicated, especially for businesses like manufacturers that sell through distributors and retailers at a variety of different price points. These relationships and pricing rules are often built over years or decades of operation, and each one may have its own caveats and particulars. SAP stores all of these exceptions, discounts, and unique situations and applies them to orders and invoices. Without connecting SAP to the front-end system, however, CRM users don’t have access to this information.

enosix pulls SAP pricing data directly into CRM orders, invoices, and payments so users can answer questions, generate quotes, and make better decisions rather than waiting on ERP operators to do it for them.

Better customer experiences

For most businesses, a great customer experience is one of their top priorities. Employees will have a hard time providing that without real-time information about customer orders, pricing, and items. With enosix, every account in the CRM receives an SAP customer number. This creates a one-to-one relationship between front-end and ERP accounts to unlock important data.

Equipping customer-facing employees with the information they need to do their jobs will automatically enhance the customer experience. If customers are forced to wait for answers about orders and pricing, businesses run the risk of appearing incompetent and out of touch.

Move at the speed of your customer, not the speed of your ERP

Seamless integration of your CRM and your ERP can unlock the potential of them both. By optimizing your sales processes, you will give your team the time and resources they need to ensure the customer experience is as fast and efficient as it can be.

enosix is focused on continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We bring you next-generation integration technology that delivers on the promise of the intelligent enterprise. enosix makes it possible to connect these systems in just a few weeks, to allow your team to make smarter and faster decisions with the right data, in the right place, in real-time.

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