De-risk and Accelerate MuleSoft-SAP Connections with Prebuilt Integrations

Organizations looking to integrate MuleSoft and SAP typically rely on the SAP integration stack (and the accompanying constraints and limitations). For applications that require real-time connectivity at scale, legacy SAP connectors fall short. enosix solves this need for real-time SAP integration using prebuilt, certified packaged integrations (Gartner calls PIPs, Packaged Integration Process). This approach requires less built time, delivers lower total cost of ownership, and avoids the pitfalls of data replication and duplication. 

MuleSoft iPaaS + PIPs = More Value, Faster Go-Live, De-risked Integrations 

MuleSoft iPaaS delivers the platform as a service, without designing and building custom APIs and applications.  Add in Packaged Integration Processes (PIPs), like those from enosix, a leader in real-time integration for SAP ECC and S/4 HANA, and you get complete integrations delivered as service without designing, coding, or testing.

The benefits of this configuration include:

    • Real-Time Integration: last-mile integrations and data virtualizations between systems and sources means no data replication, time-delayed batching, or error-prone translations
    • SAP Variant Configuration: leverage existing SAP business logic for configurable products–without data replication
    • ECC, S/4HANA, and ECC-to-S/4HANA: No re-coding when migrating from ECC to S/4HANA–and connecting MuleSoft applications to SAP takes just weeks using enosix
    • De-risk Project Timelines: leveraging pre-built APIs and prebuild SAP integrations means less risk to project timelines


Free Up In-House IT to Focus on the Business

Leveraging brebuilt, configurable integrations speeds implementation time, delivers 100% accuracy to SAP for all data, business rules and processes–but it also allows in-house IT teams to focus on business-critical needs, not building and maintaining integrations. Real-time SAP data is brought directly into front-end and other business-critical systems without replication.


The enosix-MuleSoft Differentiator: Connect SAP real-time data to applications, resources, and devices without coding

Let’s face it, legacy SAP communication frameworks and integrations are challenging. Combine that with an SAP-skilled talent shortage (in-house and outsourced). CIOs and IT teams have never been stretched more thin while also being tasked with more business-critical requests and projects. Leveraging the power of MuleSoft iPaaS and enosix pre-built SAP integrations means IT teams can stay focused where their skills will make the maximum impact to the business. For real-time data at scale, handling SAP pricing complexity (including Variant Configuration), seamless integration to ECC, S/4HANA, and migration…the enosix SAP connector for MuleSoft   is your business transformation solution. Learn more about the MuleSoft connector or contact us to talk about your unique needs!

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