Digital Transformation for Manufacturers Running SAP ERP: Customer Service

Ready to take your customer service to the next level? Discover how digital transformation can help manufacturers running SAP ERP bolster their customer service.

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital transformation is crucial for today’s manufacturers, including those that want to improve their customer service.
  • Customers want B2C experiences in B2B environments, and manufacturers that leverage digital technologies and tools in combination with SAP ERP can provide these experiences.
  • Together, digital front-end technologies and SAP ERP ensure manufacturing employees and customers can maintain real-time access to data.
  • With enosix integration, manufacturers can improve their customer service today, tomorrow, and many years into the future.

Digital transformation is the next revolution in manufacturing — and perhaps it is easy to understand why. With digital technologies and tools, manufacturers can stay connected to all aspects of the supply chain, identify improvement areas, and ensure that their products are consistently delivered to customers on time and on budget. In addition, digital technologies and tools can help manufacturers engage with customers like never before, to the point where these businesses can optimize the customer experience (CX).

In terms of CX, manufacturers running SAP ERP are well-equipped to achieve the best-possible results. These manufacturers can use SAP ERP as part of their digital transformation to understand the CX and continuously enhance it.

Perhaps best of all, manufacturers can use that CX advantage to differentiate themselves from industry rivals, accelerate revenue growth, and foster long-lasting customer partnerships.

Digital transformation: What is it, and why is it important to manufacturers?

With digital transformation, a manufacturer integrates digital technologies and tools into its everyday operations for better efficiency and communications. As such, digital transformation changes the way a manufacturer delivers value to its customers.

Digital transformation can play a key role in a manufacturer’s ability to effectively engage with customers, too. In fact, a manufacturer can leverage digital technologies and tools in combination with SAP ERP to drive unprecedented customer engagement. To understand how, let’s consider an example.

A digital-enabled manufacturer can use SAP ERP to get real-time access to customer data via its front-end applications. This ensures both employees and customers can access the information they need, when they need it, from a single location. The result is a 360-degree view of ERP data leading to improved customer engagement.

Let’s not forget about the use of digital technologies and tools with SAP ERP to provide customer self-service options, either. Manufacturers who’ve embraced digital can provide customers with fast, seamless experiences virtually anywhere.

This allows you to provide customers with a wide range of information directly from your SAP system. So, if a customer wants to access their order history, status, invoices, and other information, they can do so without delay. You can provide customers with up-to-date information through a state-of-the-art customer portal that empowers them to engage with your business the way they prefer.

3 tips to improving customer service through digital transformation

To improve customer service, your manufacturing business should first incorporate SAP ERP into its daily operations. You can then leverage digital technologies and tools in combination with SAP ERP to get the most value out of your customer service efforts:

1. Consider the customer’s perspective

Today’s customers want B2C experiences in B2B environments. Thus, your business must identify digital technologies and tools that will provide B2B customers with B2C experiences.

SAP ERP provides immense value, particularly when it comes to delivering B2C experiences in B2B environments. For example, SAP ERP can be used with digital technologies and tools to build a scalable eCommerce platform that makes it easy for customers to access data from SAP.

Your eCommerce platform can use product data and pricing directly from SAP, so customers can receive the right information every time. It can also allow customers to order directly from SAP for fulfillment, minimizing the risk at any point during the order-taking process.

2. Get information directly from the customer

Digital tools allow you to collect information from customers and add it to your ERP system of record without the risk of miscommunications or other errors along the way. If you establish processes to manage this information, you’ll have the chance to surpass customer expectations time and time again.

With an eCommerce platform built on SAP ERP and digital tools, your business can instantly receive customer orders. The platform enhances order accuracy and allows customers to track their orders in real-time. Also, you can use the platform to eliminate duplicate work and the need to rekey orders because customers were able to place them correctly from the get-go.

3. Continue to learn about customer service (and improve on it)

The more you integrate SAP ERP with your other digital systems, the more you can learn about your customers, which allows you to optimize the CX and uncover innovative ways to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Proactively collect customer feedback to identify new ways you can leverage digital technologies to the fullest extent. If you can find new opportunities to enhance customer service, your company will be in a great position to maximize CX and ROI.

Ready to improve your customer service? Partner with enosix

If your manufacturing business is ready to embrace digital transformation, enosix is here to assist. With our support, you can use digital technologies and tools with your SAP ERP to improve customer service now and in the future.

Our integration between SAP and front-end systems ensures customer-facing employees can deliver exceptional customer experiences. Furthermore, we offer enosix Connect, which allows you to integrate your on-premise ERP system and cloud-based applications via pre-built API calls and ABAP objects.

To learn more about our digital transformation solutions for manufacturers, request a demo today, call 844-436-6749, or visit our contact page to send us a question.

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