Equip Your B2B Sales Team With the Tools for Successful Virtual Selling

The right technology empowers your sales team and your company for effective remote selling

Key Takeaways:

  • The need to sell virtually is an opportunity to accelerate growth and create new sales channels.
  • Your virtual sales technology must engage and connect with customers across all business functions.
  • New sales strategies should be employed to get attention, obtain data-driven insights, and reach customers in their preferred way when they want to be reached.
  • A layer of AI automation can provide easy access to customer insights
  • The best technology solutions save time, manage sales territories and incentives, make quotes and contracts easier, and fuel relationships.
  • SAP customer experience solutions deliver the right information at the right time and create a frictionless, seamless, personal, connected, and trusted customer experience.

Selling virtually is a necessity for B2B business growth and survival today. Remote buying and selling have become the norm as the coronavirus pandemic forced billions of people worldwide to stay home. But far from a disaster, this has been a golden opportunity to improve sales processes worldwide.

The virtual sales imperative presented by COVID-19 offers new opportunities for sales transformation and accelerated growth. Well-designed virtual selling channels not only improve the coverage, control, and cost of sales, they also give buyers the speedy responses and efficient sales experience they want. All of this means businesses must invest in new tools to ensure virtual success.

Online sales match the online prospect experience

In the past, sales reps depended on building relationships face-to-face and through personal contact across regular sales cycles. Today’s model is quite different – buyers do their own product research and buy when it suits them. Sales reps must stay at least as informed as the buyers, so they are prepared to answer any questions quickly with transparent and relevant information.

As they face the new virtual sales world, sales reps must have confidence in the technology. If your company has not been doing virtual selling, establishing the correct solution will make transitioning to remote and virtual selling much easier.

If your current technology only provides a system of record, it’s time to make the shift to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that engages and connects with your customers across all functions of your business.

Embracing the new era of virtual sales

Connecting with customers is both easier and more difficult in this new environment. The web is busy and noisy, so sales reps must apply particular strategies to engage and convert. Focus on building their skills to guide buyers virtually and revise any sales playbooks to emphasize remote selling.

First, your sales efforts must get the prospect’s attention by breaking through the noise. It’s important to understand that your customer base is made up of individuals with different communication preferences as they move through the selling process. Use the virtual tools they want and speak to them as individuals, not as an audience, in a way that resonates and feels authentic. Often, this means letting the prospect choose the channel of interaction.

Data-driven, technology-enabled insights allow you to improve how your team prioritizes leads and prepares forecasts in ways that drive business success.

Supported by the artificial intelligence (AI) in today’s digital platforms, reps can get the information they need to help build relationships by easily identifying the people and accounts most likely to buy. Virtual selling with AI behind it means easy access to relevant customer insights.

The best technology solutions should provide these six benefits to your sales team:

  1. Save time
  2. Manage sales territories and incentives
  3. Fuel customer relationships with real-time data
  4. Quickly lead sales reps through quotes and contracts
  5. Support the future of selling
  6. Manage interconnected processes across your entire business

The right solution should empower a connected customer journey that provides a seamless, hyper-personalized experience no matter where your customers and salespeople are.

The proper technology creates a seamless experience

Understanding and exceeding customer expectations in these unprecedented times requires the insights of more than one department in your organization. Silos must be eliminated and customer data must flow freely across business units.

Using SAP customer experience solutions, your sales team will be able to deliver the right information at the right time, personalize the experience down to the last detail, and receive go-to-market data from online sources and social media channels, as well as your internal database.

Meaningful customer experiences are frictionless, so you want consistency throughout their journey. This means managing your business process with a holistic end-to-end solution that facilitates interconnected processes across your enterprise, from the front office to sales and through the supply chain, so there are no blind spots.

Delivering a personal, connected, and trusted customer experience doesn’t happen by accident, so it’s important to ensure your business can support various sales channels, business models and address supply chain challenges.

Other important parts of the customer experience are consistency and flexibility. Customers want to be contacted when they want and how they want, whether that’s on a desktop or through a mobile device. Exceptional customer service must be delivered both in-store and online, and various product delivery models must be supported, whether it’s shipped, picked up curbside, or sent via contactless local delivery.

The benefits of a digitally advanced business aren’t just enhanced customer satisfaction. Companies that employ these solutions are 50% more likely to have revenue growth and earn 60% more revenue per employee. In fact, 32% of companies increased revenue, 27% met customer demands or increased efficiency, and they achieved 28% more revenue by making the change to digital technology.

enosix has the technology you need for virtual selling success

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SAP S/4HANA delivers a trusted and connected customer experience that brings together customer, experiential, and operational data with the power of intelligent technologies across sales, marketing, commerce, and service to deliver engaging and trusted experiences in the moments that matter most to your customers.

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