From Hours to Minutes: Reinventing Quoting Means Sales Efficiency for Car Wash Powerhouse Sonny’s

“We wanted to be able to give our clients and distributors a far easier, more robust, simpler platform to work through quotes without having to reinvent the system and without having to go through any business disruption.”

— Tim Elhefnawy, GM & VP, Parts Division, Sonny’s


Does this sound familiar? Sales leaders seek robust CRM functionality with the ability to configure and price quotes from within the same system. But at SAP-based manufacturers, this can put you at odds with IT teams and SAP-locked business processes, complex product configurations, and custom pricing around every turn.

Sonny’s Quoting Dilemma

Sonny’s is the world’s largest car wash equipment, parts and supplies manufacturer. A typical quote can have 2,000 parts – with complex configuration options, part dependencies and, of course, varying discounts. Their old CRM suffered frequent connectivity issues and relied on middleware to connect to their SAP ECC system. There were near-constant synchronization issues requiring work to be done in SAP and then again in the CRM. “Sometimes it worked here. Sometimes it didn’t work there, and that was a huge hassle,” said Elhefnawy.

Quotes were frequently having to be rebuilt, parts would ‘fall off’ a quote in some instances, but not in others–and those were issues just with the VC (variant configuration) functionality. It was nearly impossible to use even basic CRM functions like forecasting and pipeline management because of pricing mis-matches and issues with child/parent parts. Salespeople were frustrated, customers were frustrated and leadership was frustrated. When Sonny’s turned to Salesforce as their full-featured CRM the key to making the entire system work became enosix.

Hours-long quote creation now down to less than 10 minutes

Sonny’s sales team is now able to stay within the Salesforce CRM and generate 100% accurate, fully configured quotes in just minutes–compared to hours before. No more swivel-chair between systems, or reconfiguring quotes because of real-time changes in SAP. 

Pricing and inventory data is available directly within Salesforce and there’s no lag between the systems because the enosix framework brings always-accurate SAP data directly into Salesforce, the moment it’s requested.

For Elhefnawy and sales leadership solved their biggest problem: getting accurate, timely quotes out to customers and distributors. The salespeople now have accurate information, without delay–and they are able to consistently fulfill customer orders.

“It was really enosix’s relatively unique offering in the marketplace which let us bring [Salesforce and CPQ] together pretty seamlessly, without significant headache. We’re delivering stuff faster. We are getting more accurate information out the door … and we’re delivering far better experiences.” — Tim Elhefnawy

Over 100 salespeople now use Salesforce–up from just a 5-person starter team. Distributors have access to the same Salesforce cost/quoting capabilities as Sonny’s own team and it’s all connected to a single source of truth in SAP. Read more about how Sonny’s, and other SAP manufacturers solved their sales efficiency and quoting challenges with the enosix purpose-built framework.

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