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What if the real-time data you depend on isn’t quite real-time?

Your investment in SAP, and the systems that connect to it, was made so that dependable, actionable data is continually delivered to your workforce and the tools they use. How else can the decisions that affect your customers and revenue be made in a timely fashion?

However, what if the connections between your organization’s ERP and the applications that depend on it, like Salesforce, are less-than-real-time? What will the inaccuracies in data, and compromised revenue opportunities mean for your organization?

Make sure your ERP data gets where it needs to be in time to be effective

Getting the data from your SAP to the front-end applications your team and other stakeholders depend on is not merely desirable. When the systems put in place to get this done fail or lag behind demand, the company loses money, and it quickly becomes evident that reliable, real-time connections between SAP and the rest of your systems are mission-critical.

Optimizing the delivery of real-time data between applications has long been approached from what can be called a “middleman” position. While this works adequately in many use cases, the existing API connections involving SAP often constrain the ability to seamlessly exchange data between your ERP and essential front-end apps like Salesforce and other CRMs. What’s needed is an approach that caters to your customer data in ERP and provides that data to your CRM and other front-end systems providing you real-time, and bi-directional access.

Accurate, real-time data sharing is essential. Many APIs rely on time-consuming synchronization cycles to align the data in SAP with your CRM and other front-end tools. In practice, this is too slow for your team that is engaging with the customer, those who need to know what they can do for the client they’re talking to right now. That can result in a host of problems, from inaccurate billing terms, to duplicate and conflicting customer records, to orders that can’t be filled on time because they did not account for current inventory levels.

You can’t wait for synchronization all the time, and not all the data needs it. There are better ways to get accurate information from the SAP customer file of record to your CRM and other systems when they need it.

This SAP-first perspective prioritizes ERP data accessibility

enosix Connect is designed to make sure your ERP data is made available before transmission to the front-end application. Everything we make is designed from this SAP-first point of view.

This SAP-first outlook means your ERP data is served up natively within your Salesforce, or any other system of engagement in real-time. That keeps your team on the same page with your accounting and logistical staff to make sure customer transactions flow smoothly — from pitch to closing to shipping and delivery to payment — with as little friction as possible.

You can accomplish all of the above without the constant need to run data syncs and backups, which avoids their destructive pitfall — false duplicate records. With enosix, the client record maintained by SAP is the actual listing of record for all the client systems. It also makes the connection from Salesforce to SAP better than any other middleware or API is capable of doing. enosix makes your integration as simple as possible, including bringing real-time SAP data into Salesforce without the need for a thousand man hours of mapping data fields. enosix has done all of the work, and provides your deep ERP business process natively within your front-end out of the box.

See how enosix can deliver the customer experience you expect by integrating SAP ERP.

enosix brings the latest in ERP integration methodologies to your team with SAP-certified (ECC and S/4 HANA certifications), real-time, bi-directional access to data. Pre-built sets of wrapped BAPIs (Business Application Programming Interfaces) are ready to enable your most common business scenarios (such as Opportunity to Cash and Procurement to Cash, to name two). It’s all possible because our API framework overlays the SAP app layer and incorporates the ERP’s process orchestration, authentication, authorization, and auditing functionalities.

enosix helps boost the accuracy and efficiency of how your company takes and executes orders, fulfills those orders, satisfies customers, and wins new clients along the way. Learn more about how enosix and its API philosophy can enhance the effectiveness of your entire organization. Call us today at 844-436-6749 or schedule a demonstration of our integration solutions.


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