How to Stay Competitive with SAP ECC

Make the most of your SAP ECC installation as the world moves closer to S/4

It’s easy to understand why a business would be reluctant to upgrade any platform, especially one as inherently complex as SAP. Cost, transition time, and risk factors can make staying with your last-gen software seem like the least problematic solution even when the world is functioning as usual.

Throw in the economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19, and many businesses are placing any expense not marked “essential” firmly on hold. As a result, some are choosing to continue their operations on SAP ECC, even though it’s becoming obsolete. While ECC is still a platform with some life left — SAP has pledged to support it through 2027, a 2-year extension on the original end date — SAP’s S/4HANA will be the version of choice for the digital age.

The biggest barrier to S/4 transition

SAP complexity involving IT tasks, legacy applications, maintenance, data migration, and similar mission-critical operations are ultimately the key issue hindering wider adoption of S/4. S/4 is a simpler system in terms of applications and data once it’s up and running, but it’s the perceived effort involved in getting to that point that discourages some companies still rooted in ECC.

These businesses may be content to stay put for now, but that doesn’t mean they’re not actively looking for ways to optimize ECC or better prepare themselves to make the shift to S/4 in the future. At the same time, successful ongoing management of the increased data complexity can seem more than the resident SAP or IT team can handle, which only deepens reluctance regarding S/4.

In both scenarios, the primary concern is risking the stability of their current system. The good news is that preparing to migrate can begin one step at a time.

Altering your SAP landscape piece by piece

This is among the most attractive compromises for ECC-based businesses because, as IT teams know, gradual implementation of S/4-friendly features can offer the best of both worlds. Essentially a facelift for the existing SAP, the landscape transformation approach allows incremental conversion of existing processes to ease them slowly away from ECC toward the S/4 model.

This is a lot less intimidating to understaffed IT teams than a greenfield approach that would require implementing S/4 from scratch. Landscaping lets a business take data transformation and software upgrades at its own pace (within the next 6 years, that is).

Such slow and steady evolution is a lot more palatable in terms of cost, safety, and time to implement. The previous investment in ECC needn’t be abandoned, while a few SAP adjustments here and there can be made more cheaply, securely and completed far more quickly than an enterprise-wide conversion. Businesses get to maintain the same essential SAP structure while upgrading their performance.

Cut costs by moving to the cloud

Cloud migration is another major focus for modern businesses seeking streamlined, secure and adaptable processes. Some companies are reluctant to take the leap for risk and expense reasons.

SAP does all its S/4HANA development on Google Cloud, and since enosix also operates within that ecosystem as a Google Partner, we’re able to offer secure and supported cloud-based SAP options that operate as efficiently on legacy systems as the latest versions. We also offer a cloud migration program that’s cost-free, while providing help with infrastructure expenses incurred by making the move.

Cloud migration is as inevitable as the need to upgrade to S/4, and ECC users who start laying the groundwork for both today will be ideally positioned for a stress-free transition tomorrow.

Let enosix deliver SAP ECC with one foot in the future

2027 is some time away and lots of businesses aren’t ready to upgrade to S/4 just yet. If you’re one of them, let us help you make the most out of your ECC in the meantime. We appreciate how intimidating change can be and acknowledge that no two SAP situations are exactly alike.

The enosix approach makes it possible for businesses to move their processes forward in a way that serves their needs, while simultaneously staying in their financial and technological comfort zones. We can help you modernize SAP quickly, safely and for much less investment than previous approaches, all while your business continues to operate in the ECC environment. When the time eventually arrives for an SAP upgrade, any changes made to ECC will easily follow you into S/4.

Staying in the last gen of SAP doesn’t mean your business can’t be agile and ready to adapt to its next iteration. enosix makes sure your legacy modernization gets underway successfully while optimizing your current operational tools. Schedule a demo with us to see how we’re helping ECC stay competitive and future-facing.

At enosix, we are setting the new standard for SAP integration. Our products are designed to empower customers by creating a full, seamless, and bi-directional connection between front-end systems of engagement and the SAP ERP. Request a demo to see us in action, call 844-436-6749, or visit our contact page to send us a question.

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