If Your SAP Integration Tools Don’t Live In Your ERP, You’re Doing it Wrong

Middleware? You’re kidding, right? Leverage what you have – don’t take unnecessary risks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Real-time data is crucial to remain competitive
  • SAP logic is notoriously complicated, and if you use middleware, constant testing is required
  • There’s a better way — the enosix solution sits inside your existing SAP system to leverage the information you already have without the need for replication
  • Customers want quotes quickly, enosix’s CPQ integrations allow for real-time pricing from SAP in Salesforce
  • Real-time information empowers sales and customer service representatives to solve customer issues fast

Real-time data is essential to keep up with the speed of business today and remain competitive. While there are middleware solutions that claim to integrate SAP with Salesforce, they often create more problems than they solve.

Your SAP system is unique and completely customized to the way you do business. It’s the “brains” of the operation, so to speak, with custom tables, fields, and functions that do exactly what you want them to do.

The logic is complicated, and it’s spread across configuration tables, SAP code, and custom code. Worse, the middleware language is different from the SAP language, so it’s not easy to make sure you got it right just by looking at what you wrote. This means you have to test middleware integrations. A lot. You might have to ask both systems for a price or inventory level on an item to make sure they match. Where’s the single source of truth?

At enosix, we knew there had to be a better way to integrate SAP and Salesforce, so the core of our technology sits inside your existing SAP system to leverage processes, fields, business logic, and security to synchronize the two systems at the required integration points. This eliminates the time-consuming and risky need to reproduce those processes repeatedly in middleware and front-end applications.

The enosix integration solution means you have the information you need in real-time to support eCommerce, sales, inventory, and the customer experience.

Why enosix? Unmatchable build time, performance, and reliability

The result of the enosix approach is a reduced load on your SAP system compared to traditional approaches of calling standard SAP BAPIs and piecing together the results in middleware or on the front-end. This also means far greater code reusability across different front-end systems (nearly 100% vs. typically 40% for ETL/iPaaS solutions or 0% for solutions that live in the front-end).

We also provide a human-centric interface to simplify your development work with a library of ABAP Rapid Integration Objects (RIOs) that perform common transformations using all the right BAPIs and exits to apply the business logic you already have. This means your implementation times will be 70% to 90% shorter than custom projects.

enosix is the superior packaged integration process (PIPs) provider. PIPs are software applications or solutions that automate and standardize business processes. They address common and repeatable integration use cases across SaaS and software applications, APIs, databases, data lake and data warehousing platforms, business processes, and B2B assets.

Our platform tightly integrates with your SAP ERP system, including all of your customizations, and the framework installs directly in SAP ECC or S/4HANA. The API, easily learned by any front-end developer, can be used to complete your integration projects in 70% to 90% less time than trying to interface directly with SAP and the PIPs used by other vendors for SAP ERP integration.

Almost every modern iPaaS and middleware solution can interface with REST, which means the enosix platform makes it easy to swap out your API management or other tools without altering your front-end applications or redoing your SAP integration.

Speed of light CPQ

Your customers want accurate quotes, and they want them fast. But the logic rests in SAP, so how do you get the real-time information you need in Salesforce and get it quickly?

The traditional middleware integration strategy for CPQ systems means keeping and maintaining a duplicate set of prices outside of SAP. This requires you to rebuild all of your customer-specific pricing, rules, logic, Sales Area info, etc., in the front-end.

enosix’s CPQ solutions eliminate this need for dual-maintenance and allow for real-time pricing simulation from Salesforce, without the need to store any SAP pricing.

You see, enosix’s CPQ add-ins allow real-time calling of variant configuration from Salesforce. Users can be walked through the configuration process as it computes inside SAP without recreating all the rules in Salesforce or struggling to replicate SAP rules and business logic in Salesforce.

Your sales team, and even external partner channels, can create valid quotes based on the data in SAP with this pre-built integration. It also reduces implementation time and delivers the must-have functionality you need that’s just not possible with other approaches. enosix maximizes your speed to revenue.

Provide a stellar sales, agent, and user experience in real-time

Call center agents with the information they need at their fingertips are happy agents. And happy agents help create satisfied customers. You’ve invested in Salesforce for your CRM, so naturally, you want to enable your call center representatives to stay in Salesforce so valuable time isn’t wasted switching back and forth to SAP.

Our Salesforce call center solutions allow them to keep Salesforce as their primary work screen and still answer the typical questions about orders, inventory, shipping, and deliveries that require visibility into SAP data. They can quickly pull invoice details and other essential order information without ever having to leave the CRM screens they are familiar with.

This shortens problem resolution time because your sales and customer service teams have access to a 360-degree view of the customer through a modern, intuitive interface that brings a real-time view of the data forward from your SAP ECC or S/4HANA system.

Simply put, enosix offers the unique opportunity to streamline core processes like CPQ and integrate the user experience of Salesforce with the business logic of SAP ECC or S/4HANA.


  • Real-time transaction execution and access to your SAP ERP data inside Salesforce.
  • Implemented in 80% less time than traditional approaches at a budget-friendly price.

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