Industrial Manufacturers Need Industrial-Grade Quoting

Cut Salesforce-SAP Quote Turnaround Time by over 70%

SAP Manufacturers face additional complexities when deploying CRMs, quoting solutions, or eCommerce portals. Systems that work great for consumer goods typically fall short for  manufacturers. Complex products with potentially thousands of variations combined with complex pricing rules and interdependencies need an industrial-grade quoting solution.

The logic to handle complex orders is already built-out in your SAP system, including approved pricing and configuration rules. Attempting to duplicate that logic inside your CRM or quoting tool is unthinkable to build and maintain.

Configurable + Complex = Completely Do-able

Configurable products, whether you are using SAP Variant Configuration or not, must be quoted correctly to meet customer expectations and to preserve profitability. That means your pricing source of truth–SAP–must be central to your quoting solution.

The key is to present SAP configuration options, and associated pricing, directly in your Salesforce Quoting or CPQ solution. Instantly. No batching. No lookups. If that sounds impossible, it isn’t (spoiler: enosix has cracked the code).

The complexity of the product configuration and pricing rules must continue to reside inside SAP to feed manufacturing, service, and delivery systems. Every transaction generates another tightly-linked transaction and SAP must remain the single source of truth. 

Industrial-grade quoting means 100% accuracy, 100% of the time

Engagement systems like Salesforce are more user-friendly and efficiently drive quoting and service workflows. Sales and customer service representatives can easily build and configure quotes–for even the most complex of systems–if the right data is given to them without swivel-screening to another system or login. Right data is the mission-critical part.

Presenting SAP-based configurations and pricing directly inside Salesforce (or other front-end systems) is critical to maintaining the pricing accuracy, and buildability, of complex products. Quotes must be accurate in terms of configuration and pricing, every time, to build customer confidence and drive revenue.

The fastest, most robust way to integrate these mission-critical systems is with enosix. Our purpose-built framework uses pre-built but customizable objects to virtualize SAP data directly into Salesforce. Every configuration option, every price discount. 

And because the Salesforce quote is utilizing the SAP configuration, with enosix you know it will be 100% accurate, and accepted by SAP, 100% of the time

Learn more about how enosix can cut quote turnaround time by 70-90% or request a demo today! 

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