Integrate Salesforce Service Cloud with SAP ERP to Boost Customer Loyalty

With the ability to access real-time SAP ERP data in your Salesforce Service Cloud, you can gain customer insights that help improve customer loyalty and retention.

Key Takeaways:

  • Customer loyalty is essential to business growth and profit margins.
  • Without integrating Salesforce Service Cloud with SAP ERP, you are not providing agents with the information they need to retain customers.
  • With integration, agents have the complete customer history and all pertinent information at their fingertips.
  • With integration, customers get a great self-service experience, with their entire order history easily available, even from disparate sources.
  • Errors are reduced, because information does not have to be manually input and duplicated in multiple systems, and accurate inventory is available wherever orders are created.

Getting new customers is just part of the battle for business success. You want them to return again and again, welcome your emails, interact on your social media pages, and spread the word about all the great things your manufacturing company offers.

The importance of customer loyalty can’t be overstated – your business won’t survive without it. New customers are costly to acquire, and they don’t spend as much as repeat customers. Loyal customers allow your business to grow and reach higher profit margins.

This highlights the necessity of integrating Salesforce Service Cloud with SAP ERP to empower your customer service agents with every piece of information they need to not only create happy customers, but to keep them. Without this integration, you’re leaving many of the benefits these systems offer on the table and missing opportunities to nurture customer loyalty.

Complete customer data at your fingertips

While Salesforce Service Cloud lets you provide speedy, scalable digital services from anywhere, if your customer data resides in SAP ERP, your customer service agents have to switch between systems or wait on information from another department, which not only wastes their time but creates a pain point for your customers. Often, the data necessary for the best customer service experience can be elusive and difficult to access.

By integrating your SAP ERP with Salesforce Service Cloud, agents are empowered with real-time customer data and have access to any reference or expert material they need to solve the customer’s problem. Quick access to both personal and reference information is essential for the kind of customer journey that engenders loyalty to your company. This optimized experience is available where your customers are, on their preferred device.

With the insights gained through integration delivered in real-time, agents get a complete view of customer activity across all channels, see all notes, and are matched with the customers they can best serve.

Increased transparency

Customers like to see what they’ve ordered in the past when they’re interacting with your e-commerce site. Maybe they want to reorder an item and need a model number, or perhaps they want to know what they paid for something in the past. There can be myriad reasons why they want to see past orders, so it’s important to enable this functionality.

Without Salesforce-SAP integration, your customers can only see their order history if they placed it through your e-commerce site. By integrating your SAP ERP with Salesforce Service Cloud, they can see current orders in real-time and review their order history at any time. This means they can track and review a new order, or get whatever information they need from a past one, which gives them the great self-service experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Real-time information means reduced errors and irritation

Because Salesforce-SAP integration will show your customers’ current inventory and product availability, whatever is listed on your website is accurate. This means you won’t have disappointed and disgruntled customers due to an “oops, that product isn’t available” follow-up email that sends them to your competitor.

Integration also eliminates the need for any dual-entry of data, which can cause errors in customer records. Quotes are accurate, and orders can be processed in real-time, which means your customers get what they want and need that much faster.

Customer service agents who have a complete case history can avoid asking unnecessary questions that create friction, and the insights gathered from the data in your analytics reports helps them understand the customer and their needs. This lets your agents provide the personalized customer service that helps retain customers.

enosix helps build customer loyalty with fast, seamless integration of SAP ERP with Salesforce Service Cloud

Eliminate inefficiencies that hurt customer loyalty and retention. With enosix, your agents can access all the info they need from SAP right in Salesforce Service Cloud to rapidly respond to all your customers’ needs. You can even support self-service use cases by letting your customers see real-time SAP data.

We provide ready-to-use, pre-built Rapid Integration Objects (RIOs) built on the SAP ERP app layer that allow seamless integration with Salesforce Service Cloud. 90% of the integration work between SAP ECC or S/4HANA has been done for you, so you can go live with real-time bi-directional integration to your Salesforce Field Service Lightning instance in weeks rather than months.

Schedule a demo today. Our integration solutions are the answer for enterprise companies that want to provide their customers with a more connected and informed experience. Equip your customer-facing employees with the knowledge they need when they need it, reduce the costs of IT maintenance and implementation, and accelerate your time to value.

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