Integration Equips Manufacturers for Faster Quotes, Which Leads to Happier Customers

Integration of SAP with Salesforce gives salespeople the real-time information they need

Key Takeaways:

  • The struggle is real for manufacturing when it comes to delivering accurate pricing and inventory data that sales teams need to provide quick quotes
  • Sonny’s, the world’s largest manufacturer of conveyorized car wash equipment, had disparate systems that sometimes provided competing information
  • Inaccurate and slow quotes led to a loss of trust from customers
  • Sonny’s was worried about using an integration solution that required replication since there was so much inaccurate data
  • The enosix solution was fast and provided the seamless integration that makes for happy customers and strong company growth

Most SAP integrations with Salesforce cost a small fortune and take many months, with no guarantee the process will result in synergy. This can leave manufacturing sales teams with the same struggle for pricing and inventory data, as well as the essential customer information they need to meet customer needs and wants.

enosix, with our no-middleware solution, ensures that salespeople can get the information they need when they need it. This transforms the customer experience into one that is personalized, provides quick quotes, and delivers the best in customer service.

One case-in-point is Sonny’s, the world’s largest manufacturer of conveyorized car wash equipment, parts, and supplies. With 11 divisions and over 1,000 employees in 35 states, Sonny’s supports professional car wash investors, owners, and operators.

Always interested in continuous improvement, Sonny’s wanted to integrate SAP ECC with Salesforce CPQ to provide its team with real-time relevant and accurate inventory and pricing information. Here’s how enosix helped Sonny’s solve the problem.

Sonny’s quoting process before integration

Keeping a competitive advantage means giving the customer what they want when they want it – seamlessly. Sonny’s sales team had to access a VPN, connect to a server, and access an application to generate a quote with accurate pricing and inventory information. Not only was the sales team using the system — distributors also had to log on to the VPN to help develop quotes.

Mismatched data between SAP ECC and Salesforce didn’t help. This further lengthened the time to quote as the sales team and distributors struggled to find the correct information. Unfortunately, the two systems didn’t share information and updates properly.

Sonny’s needed a unified experience for customers through all 11 divisions from the first touch to the last. They needed a system that could process complex configurations for ordering, production, assembly, and shipping and provide accurate quotes with lightning speed.

Sonny’s business is growing fast, which meant they didn’t have the time to waste going down the data replication road and finding it didn’t work for them.

They were using legacy tools in the SAP environment, attempting to manage complex and rich information with heavy use of variant configurations and options. A major challenge was uniformity across SAP and their CRM.

Once they made the decision to move their CRM to Salesforce, Sonny’s was faced with the need to successfully integrate both systems, so their unique value proposition was matched by the technology they were using. Their goal was the ability to give their clients and distributors a more robust and simpler platform to work through quotes without having to reinvent their entire system — and endure the business disruption that would bring.

enosix: integration without replication

In Sonny’s former environment, they had to create runtimes and code just to send information to their CRM. This created version issues, breakages, and syncing problems. Integration between SAP and Salesforce allowed Sonny’s to evolve and build their enterprise, all with their in-house team.

The enosix platform allows salespeople to get the information they need in real-time in Salesforce, with the assurance that it’s accurate and up-to-date. Distributors are able to access pricing and inventory information quickly, so they can respond immediately to customer requests and questions.

This all means happier salespeople and distributors, as well as delighted customers.

Sonny’s chose enosix for its simplicity and the ability to get up and running much faster than any other approach. With no middleware, the enosix solution was able to leverage all existing SAP processes, business logic, custom fields, and security without the risk posed by process and information replication.

Faster quotes lead to happier customers

By making it simple for Sonny’s to integrate SAP ECC with Salesforce, we helped Sonny’s transform its quoting process as well as the customer experience. Real-time data access helps salespeople generate fast quotes, contributing to the company’s exceptional customer experience.

Prior to the integration, both distributors and customers questioned the accuracy of Sonny’s inventory and pricing, which became a trust issue. That issue has now been resolved. Integration has also made it easier for salespeople to focus more on the customer to foster better experiences and loyalty.

With strong business growth and the ability to deliver what they want, Sonny’s reports they are delivering a far better customer experience, and it shows.

The enosix Integration Solution Helps You Exceed Customer Expectations

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