Is Real-Time SAP Data Integration Even Possible?

All your business-critical data lives inside SAP–including business rules and logic, pricing, ATP, configuration options, and more. Creating a real-time SAP data integration with other systems often seems daunting or impossible. Spoiler: it’s not only possible, it’s easy.


The ever-increasing importance of real-time

It can be tempting to gloss over the importance of bringing SAP real-time data into front-end systems. After all, aren’t overnight batches or connecting to a regularly-updated data warehouse enough? In a word: no. If you aren’t virtualizing real-time data into your mission-critical systems (CRM, quoting, B2B eCommerce portal, etc.) you are putting margins directly at risk–in addition to customer loyalty and employee productivity.

In this volatile economy (and supply chain), changes that impact pricing, availability, and configuration are made in real-time, in SAP, multiple times a day, every day. If your teams aren’t using up-to-the-moment real-time data, they could be using outdated data, leading to outdated quotes or orders–before they are even submitted to SAP!

There is a better way–leveraging both data virtualization and prebuilt (but customizable) processes. What do we mean by data virtualization? Think of it as creating a window into SAP–while you are still in another application. The data you are viewing remains live inside SAP and is displayed the moment you need it–so it’s always updated, always correct. Data virtualization enables SAP data inside your critical systems – no logging in to SAP, no calling to confirm pricing, no questions about possible product configurations. And it’s 100% possible today. (In fact, enosix can have real-time SAP data virtualized in just a few days!)


Virtualization for real-time data

Transactional systems can slow down overall system performance as query volume rises. Data warehouses are only updated at pre-determined intervals, running the risk of out-of-date data in a 24/7 business climate. Data virtualization presents SAP-based data inside the screens/software your employees are already using with split-second delivery. Pricing, shipping, delivery, and availability are just some of the data sets that can be presented instantaneously.

Data virtualization is the most robust, and only real-time data integration framework available for SAP-based manufacturers and enterprises.


The enosix advantage: real-time SAP data

Data virtualization not only enables real-time data, but it mitigates the frequent risks associated with data synchronization. Learn more about how the purpose-built enosix framework uses virtualization to bring real-time SAP data directly into front end systems with 100% accuracy thanks to prebuilt, no-code solutions. You can also see how real-time SAP data enables variant configuration, configure-price-quote (CPQ), B2B commerce/customer portals.  

You could be days away from real-time SAP data in your CRM, commerce solution, or other front-end system. Talk with an enosix expert about how enosix Virtualized View for SAP Integration can help you.


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