Level Up ServiceNow IT Asset Management (ITAM) with SAP Integration

Automation Drives Savings, Efficiency, Flexibility, and Accuracy


Investing in an IT Asset Management system (ITAM) like ServiceNow is a smart step in controlling your hardware and software expenditures. The next step for organizations is to use an ITAM-SAP integration to create a single source of truth which also drives employee productivity, helps control costs, and ensures accurate data across platforms.

But what does that mean for your business? Business agility and automation. No manual purchase order keying, no swivel-chair integrations where employees jump between screens for the data they need. Employees can focus on value-added tasks and not adminutia–increasing job satisfaction and reducing turnover. It means IT resources can focus on business-critical projects and not managing nightly batch loads from spreadsheets into SAP.

See It All: Unified View of IT Assets

One of the key benefits of integrating your IT asset management system with SAP is improved visibility. By connecting both systems, you can easily track and monitor all relevant data associated with each asset, including purchase orders and warranties. This allows you to get a better understanding of the total cost of ownership and make more informed decisions about purchasing new assets or upgrading existing ones. Additionally, combining your IT asset management and SAP systems speeds up the entire process, from acquisition to decommissioning. 

With automated processes in place, you can quickly find and update information about each of your assets, giving you better control over your inventory and saving time. Integrated systems also allow for more efficient compliance – as long as both systems are properly configured and regularly monitored, you’ll be able to stay on top of regulations and be ready for audits. 

Integration Isn’t Optional–It’s Necessary

Integrating your IT asset management system with SAP isn’t just beneficial – it’s a necessity to keep up with today’s rapidly changing technology landscape. The resulting automations help reduce manual processes and streamline operations while providing the necessary infrastructure for digital transformation. And because the data never leaves SAP, it’s 100% accurate, every time it’s needed. If you’re looking to get the most out of your IT asset management system, integrating with SAP is a no-brainer. 

No one has time for homegrown integrations that require custom code, heavy development and maintenance–with an end solution that results in aggregating data in other front end systems instead of leveraging real-time data from within SAP. Packaged Integration Processes are the low-code/no-code solution. Turning to a PIP-based vendor (think enosix) means pre-built, pre-tested, but still customizable SAP integrations. This means SAP-IT Asset Management integrations in just days or weeks, not months or longer. And, the integration should be future-proof so that no matter where you are on the ECC to S/4HANA migration path, littleto-no rework is required.

The Cost of Not Integrating SAP and IT Asset Management

Keeping data siloed in an ITAM system means that even with a broad look across the enterprise, you are still not tied to the company’s single source of truth, SAP. This can mean unnecessary expenditures for hardware and software but it also means significant employee cost in terms of required re-working and swivel-chair integrations.

Every time an employee has to manually key purchase orders from one system, spreadsheet, or form, into SAP, the potential for human error increases dramatically. Also consider how human nature means employees tend to batch these processes to get them over at one time–creating time delays in addition to potential errors. Manually keying serial numbers, location codes, or exact asset data among other critical data points, is a tedious and non-value-added process that is slowing down your organization during a talent and skill shortage.

With an integrated SAP IT Asset Management system, overcoming challenges like inventory management and compliance becomes easier and also gives you a competitive edge to leverage innovative technologies. This takes digital transformation out of the buzzworld cloud and directly into positively impacting your manufacturing operations.  

The enosix Answer

enosix SAP connector for PO and Asset Management enables ServiceNow customers to generate and support real-time purchasing requests for IT assets directly from SAP ECC or S/4HANA. It’s a seamless, no-code integration with transactional data integration between ServiceNow and SAP–with no data storage or replication. The enosix real-time REST API creates a virtualized view of SAP-based data directly in ServiceNow.

Check out enosix SAP Connector for ServiceNow Asset Management and how IT departments can optimize time-to-revenue with automation.

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