SAP and Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Marrying SAP and Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud to Optimize Efficiency and Client Experience

Key Takeaways
  • Optimally managing Sales Agreements in Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud requires integrated, real-time SAP data
  • Prebuilt integration processes enable quick, seamless integration between SAP and Salesforce
  • Inaccurate information leads to employee, client, and prospect frustration
  • Connecting Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud with SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA is mission-critical

The Power of Connecting SAP and Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Manufacturers rely on SAP to organize and manage data for orders, procurements, contracts, and services for customers. It’s a best-in-class ERP and back-office solution. For front-end customer relationship management, Salesforce delivers world-class capabilities for sales, customer service, quoting, field service, and more. For manufacturers, Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud adds additional functionality for creating and managing sales agreements.

Connecting these two systems is business-critical for improved productivity, efficiency, and delivering a modern customer experience. Custom-coded solutions, middleware-based solutions and IT-intensive options aren’t practical or affordable. Prebuilt SAP-Salesforce integrations are the fastest, most reliable way to harness the power of both systems. 

Integrating Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud with SAP: 

  • Empowers sales and client success with real-time pricing and delivery information
  • Accelerates error-free sales agreements and forecasting with minimal turnaround time 
  • Creates a more agile, positive customer experience
  • Increases customer/partner loyalty and blocks competition 

Manufacturers need to ensure a single data set/source of truth to preserve profits and drive customer satisfaction. Errors in pricing, product configurations, availability, discounts, and more all lead to frustrated customers and prospects. These also manifest as employee frustrations and well-intentioned employees often seek to solve data access problems by creating duplicate data sources or processes.

Prebuilt Integration Processes (like enosix) enable real-time SAP data access within Salesforce, resulting in: 

  • Real-time actuals updated against sales agreements
  • Enables powerful manufacturing capabilities including forecasting, run-rate analysis, and rebate management.
  • Harness the power of virtualization to get real-time SAP data, minimizing replication
  • Bi-directional data flows ensure a single source of truth–no data silos
  • Architectural simplicity and stability mean no middleware, no JCo Connector, no IDocs, no Netweaver Gateway
  • Accelerated time-to-value means enosix pre-built integrations take 70-90% less time than traditional approaches

Efficiently and accurately managing sales agreements in Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud and then being able to create 100% accurate SAP contracts and orders are the basis for modern manufacturing profitability. In the face of supply chain disruptions, employee attrition, IT resource limitations, and increasing customer expectations, you cannot wait to connect SAP and Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud.

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