Optimize for Customer Experience and Thrive in the Digital Economy

The digital economy demands an outstanding customer experience, but manufacturers and other businesses with complex supply chains must first bridge the gulf between SAP and Salesforce

Key Takeaways:

  • If you can’t give customer and dealers quotes in real-time, you’re losing business
  • Real-time commerce for manufacturers needs real-time SAP-Salesforce integration
  • In-house SAP-Salesforce integration projects can risk business disruption and still turn out too slow for real-time commerce
  • enosix brings real-time integration to SAP and Salesforce with native Salesforce Lightning components
  • These integrations are quick to install and work right out of the box, eliminating the risk of downtime or business disruption

When it comes to customer experience, manufacturers get a bad rap. When most jobs call for custom parts that need to be quoted out from other suppliers, it’s hard to give customers or distributors real-time quotes. The vendor rules may all live in SAP, but how do you get them into the Salesforce database that informs your salespeople and e-commerce portals?

Yet, customer experience drives modern commerce. The buyer coming to you for a quote is used to having every detail they need to know about a purchase at Amazon speeds. If your quote can’t come through until tomorrow because details need to be researched overnight, that customer may already sign another supplier before you get back to them.

This is why real-time SAP-Salesforce integration is so important to the modern manufacturer, or any industry with complex supply chains that slow down the quote process. Yet, building an integration to address these issues can be risky.

The risks of SAP-Salesforce integration

One thing that keeps many manufacturers from wanting to launch any integration project with SAP is the risk of downtime. Businesses that have used SAP for a long time know that downtime grinds business to a halt.

Hard integration projects have a higher risk of downtime because SAP requires downtime if your project will replace live, running transactions with new functionality. There is also the risk that tinkering in SAP will introduce more data inconsistency due to a change in the processing logic, data model, or structures, and that will take more downtime to fix.

Companies remember this from past projects. For example, SAP 6.0 upgrade projects caused 34 to 48 hours of business downtime. Now, SAP 6.0 came out a long time ago and the transition to S/4HANA is well underway, but many manufacturers remember that and are reluctant to commit to projects that risk more downtime. Who wants to risk taking the business offline for two days to integrate with Salesforce?

But what if you could achieve real-time SAP-Salesforce integration with a no-code, plug-and-play solution? No risk of downtime, ready to go in a matter of days, and designed to do exactly what you need it to?

enosix’s Native Salesforce integrations

That’s where the enosix native Salesforce integrations come in. We’ve helped many companies integrate salesforce and SAP to facilitate the business processes their business needed to reach digital transformation. Over hundreds of projects, we found that most companies needed the same integrations. So, we pulled together a suite of lighting objects that provide those integrations right out of the box.

  • enosix Surface provides access to your SAP data inside Salesforce. It uses a combination of virtualization and syncing to make all your SAP lead-to-cash data (customers, orders, materials, invoices, etc.) accessible to your Salesforce users.
  • enosix Transact provides full Salesforce CPQ integration with SAP, allowing you to bring SAP pricing and configuration rules, including variant configuration rules, to Salesforce users. This allows any Salesforce user to create and modify SAP quotes in Salesforce as if they were logged into SAP.
  • enosix Field puts SAP data in the hands of field service workers anywhere, anytime. They can view the service contract in SAP, create work and parts orders in SAP, and request parts shipments through SAP, which are immediately reflected in your SAP inventory data.
  • enosix Commerce integrates your Salesforce Commerce Cloud with SAP. This pre-built solution can completely integrate your e-commerce frontend with SAP in a matter of days, with no coding needed. Customer and product data are always correct on the site, and you can ensure pricing reflects real-time estimates, availability, and customer rules — so your best customers get the discounts they’ve earned from years of steady business.

Taken together, these pre-built objects solve the vast majority of our clients’ SAP-Salesforce integration needs, creating a modern customer experience right out of the box. That allows real-time product quotes, facilitates e-commerce, and bridges the gap between your essential data stored in SAP and the customer experience happening in Salesforce.

For manufacturers who’ve been dreading integration, this is the easiest, fastest, and safest way to give all of your Salesforce users the access they need to SAP rules and data. So next time, it will be some other company that needs to make quotes overnight losing their customers to you.

Schedule a demo today to see how easily our pre-built Salesforce integrations can bring your customer experience up to the speed of e-commerce. Even manufacturers with complex supply chains can equip customer-facing employees and online portals with all the SAP data and access they need to give your customers an experience that will keep them coming back for more.

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