Prebuilt Lightning Objects Are the Novel Solution for Salesforce SAP Integration

Lightning objects are the most viable solution for bringing real-time integration between Salesforce and SAP platforms 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Many businesses are looking to solve the Salesforce SAP integration problem to give their customers a better ordering experience
  • The lack of integration between SAP and Salesforce is hampering the process of real-time quoting
  • No integration means no access to the backend data for the customer
  • enosix’s pre-built lightning objects provide the best Salesforce SAP integration solution by enabling real-time quoting and backend data access to the customer

Businesses are always on the lookout to increase their return on investment. Most business strategies that look to increase revenue generation are based upon giving customers the best possible experience. Currently, many manufacturers are unable to provide their customers the option of real-time quoting and access to backend data for an informed purchasing decision. The problem is that information is locked in SAP and bringing it to the Salesforce frontend in real-time is a real challenge for most companies that use both systems.

There are currently options available in the market such as middleware that act as a bridge between SAP and Salesforce. However, implementing middleware is a lengthy process that can cause business downtime and requires extensive data replication to align the data between Salesforce and SAP. Data replication is a hotbed for errors, duplication, and long-term system problems.

Instead of middleware, using lightning objects to create real-time, bi-directional data sharing between SAP and Salesforce aligns these systems without the risk of downtime or long-term data damage. This solution can easily allow real-time quoting and backend data access for customers, even in the most complicated manufacturing supply chain environments.

Why pre-built lightning objects are a game-changing Salesforce-SAP integration solution

Pre-built lightning objects are an out-of-the-box solution for Salesforce-SAP integration. The lightning objects facilitate a real-time, bi-directional flow of data between the backend ERP and the customer-facing CRM. This unhindered data flow ensures that the customer has access to all the data that can help in making a well-informed purchasing decision through real-time quoting. The solution also saves you from the arduous process of manual configuration of pricing that results in a time-consuming quote creation process.

Case study 

Teletrac Navman provides SaaS location-based technologies and services for mobile asset management such as fleet and vehicle tracking solutions. It was using legacy middleware that relied on batch-job-processing that resulted in duplicate records and extra work. They also required a way to initiate the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and replacement hardware process within Salesforce but integrate it with SAP, so the warehouse could ship the replacement hardware to the customer and track the return.

The company decided to turn to enosix for these complex integration requirements. enosix was able to provide a hassle-free integration that gave Teletrac Navman the ability to see instantaneous confirmation that a return or sales order transaction was processed successfully. Detailed information was immediately available at the point of data entry, and if there was an issue in the creation of those records, the team no longer had to rely on the back office to sift through error logs to figure out what went wrong.

The RMA process was radically improved. enosix integration eliminated dual-entry between systems, errors, and other obstacles that slowed order fulfillment. Now a service rep creates a case in Salesforce, identifies the product to be replaced, and simply clicks on “SAP replacement order” to initialize the Salesforce-SAP integration.

After verifying the RMA information, the rep adds the replacement part to the replacement order. The enosix framework employs its lightning components to communicate the changes in real-time via a back-and-forth interaction between Salesforce and SAP. The rep can now simply confirm or update the shipping information and click the “Send to SAP” button. A replacement order is created in SAP in real-time, all the information about the replacement unit is virtualized, and the whole RMA process becomes seamless, simple, and efficient.

The enosix solution means customer service reps can operate within Salesforce and service customers without moving between systems. There is no need to manage or maintain all the SAP logic in a different system. The enosix solution ensures that all real-time orders and contracts can be initiated in Salesforce and validated against SAP — without the need for elaborate custom development.

The enosix real-time integration has been immensely beneficial to Teletrac Navman. The company’s RMA process turnaround time has been shortened, process errors have been reduced, and annual costs for support between Salesforce and SAP have been brought down by 40%.

The pre-built Lightning components use the virtualization process and provide a window into SAP data. There is no synching and storing of data involved in this method, it simply brings a view of the current SAP data to Salesforce in real-time. The pre-built components can be easily installed and up and running in a day.

The enosix Lightning components can be downloaded via the AppExchange and the Salesforce admin does not have to do any coding. The admin just has to drag and drop the Lightning component into place for the virtualization process to take effect.

Because of the pre-built nature of these Lightning objects, they can be installed much more easily and rapidly than other integration solutions on the market. The complete installation of the components and virtualization of the data can be accomplished in a single day.


By opting for the pre-built Lightning object solution, you don’t have to create any external objects and there is no need for any replication of data or field mapping. The ease with which the prebuilt lightning components can be installed for your Salesforce SAP integration can take months off any traditional integration solution.

The enosix Lightning components are your go-to option for a smooth Salesforce SAP integration. The enosix integration solution easily brings your customer the option of real-time quoting and backend data access that would be a cumbersome process with traditional integration solutions.

In a nutshell, enosix Lighting objects are the most time-saving and economical solution for your data integration needs. To see why, book an enosix demo with us here.

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