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COVID-19 is impacting digital transformation and enosix’s latest integration solutions are rising to meet the challenge

The landscape of digital transformation was already changing rapidly, but the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed large gaps in certain industries that are accelerating it at a faster pace. Now, companies are seeking solutions that streamline operations, simplify processes, and give customers the best possible experience.

Although the disruption of the pandemic may be the catalyst for a lot of this transformation, these changes are permanent. They are the result of new demands from the marketplace and new expectations from customers.

Integration is one of the biggest areas of transformations we’re seeing, especially across the manufacturing and eCommerce sectors. As demands for self-service and enhanced speed grow, so does a business’s need to keep up with solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the areas experiencing the most change and how enosix is adapting to the shift.


COVID-19 exposed a lot of performance issues with business’ eCommerce solutions and proved how necessary they were to those without them. Integration is the key to any successful eCommerce platform, B2B or B2C. It not only enhances the quality and speed of the information available online, but it also improves the self-service features, which are a growing necessity.

Integration, however, is one of the most complex components of digital transformation. Many businesses are avoiding it altogether or seeking solutions that will take months, and possibly years, to implement.

enosix is the only integration platform with both front- and back-end certifications that eliminate the need for middleware altogether and bring critical information where it’s needed. enosix Commerce integrates eCommerce sites with SAP ERP data, which has some monumental benefits for customers and companies:

  • Customers can see real-time inventory as well as any specific pricing, discounts, and variations unique to them. This guarantees accuracy before an order is submitted and eliminates any disappointment from having to contact the company to correct an order afterward.
  • As soon as the shopping cart is submitted, the order is created in SAP with accurate pricing, shipping, tax, and business logic. This improves fulfillment and shipping time, getting the order to the customer faster.
  • So many of the questions that customers contact a business with are simple inquiries related to orders and shipping status. An integrated eCommerce solution enables self-service options that greatly improve customers’ ability to find these answers themselves. This frees customer service employees up to help others.

Customer service

Customer experience is more important than ever. Studies show that 1 in 3 customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience, while 92% will completely abandon a company after two or three negative interactions. These negative interactions can be anything from lack of follow up to a tense conversation to slow reaction time.

Integration between SAP and your front-end system, especially Salesforce, will empower customer-facing employees with the data they need to serve customers like never before. enosix’s SAP customer service management solution is leading the way to a better customer experience through digital transformation.

Some of enosix’s biggest benefits include:

  • A 360-degree view of the customer that brings together information such as order history, specific pricing, variant configuration, and demographics.
  • Employees can access the data in SAP ECC or S/4HANA directly through the front-end interface. This allows them to see critical backend information while still working in the system they’re comfortable using.
  • No more “swivel chair syndrome” or long wait times as employees log in to additional systems or ask another department for answers. Having access to real-time customer data will reduce customer call resolution time and increase first-call resolution rates because CSRs are able to answer questions quickly and accurately.


We talk a lot about SAP integrations with Salesforce, but enosix Connect allows for integration with your on-premise ERP system and cloud-based applications through pre-built API calls and ABAP objects. Although Salesforce is the industry leader, we recognize the uses of other cloud providers such as Dynamics, NetSpeed, and other homegrown systems.

enosix’s 300+ pre-built API calls and 90+ advanced ABAP objects provide easy access to commonly used business objects and transactions. Unlike integration solutions that rely on the standard SAP connector, our API calls use easy-to-understand, simple field names.

Our developer-friendly API portal lets you see the API calls you have deployed, along with all the needed documentation. You can test API calls right from the portal to simplify debugging.

Digital transformation for the future

The need for integration is undeniable, and many businesses are waking up with the feeling that they’re falling behind other industries and competitors. Traditional middleware solutions to integrate SAP ERP data with a front-end system can take months — time and attention most businesses don’t have right now. enosix’s pre-built and pre-tested solutions offer agile integration, which reduces implementation time to weeks.

Many organizations are also putting off integration solutions until their transition to S/4HANA is complete. Unfortunately, this transition could take years while the demand for speed and accuracy only increases. enosix’s integration solutions are portable, meaning businesses can implement them now in SAP ECC and easily transfer them to S/4HANA.

There is no reason to delay digital transformation any longer. Request a demo with enosix to learn more about our integration solutions and the ways we can help you provide a more connected and informed experience for your customers.

Listen to the full CPQ Podcast episode with enosix CEO Gerald Schlecter for a full breakdown of enosix’s latest developments and his vision for the future of digital integration.


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