Quotes with SAP Data

Sales Quotes with SAP Data: How Long Does it Really Take?

When your business rules, logic, and pricing live in SAP it can be extremely difficult to create accurate quotes with both speed and accuracy. SAP was never designed to be a quoting solution, nor was it designed to plug-and-play with front-end systems optimized for quoting. Configurable products further add to the complexity of both quoting and system integration with SAP Variant Configuration. Complex and rigorous business rules have been built and refined over years, even decades, within SAP–making replicating that logic, well, illogical.

The ramifications of an unintegrated, or partly integrated quoting solution are felt acutely by your sales team and your customers/prospects. Gone are the days when there was time, or enough staff, for outside sales reps to call the office and have inside sales configure the products and quotes, validate pricing with SAP, and then send a quote.

Equally frustrating is a configuration requiring swivel-chair or swivel-screen tasks–jumping between computer applications or–worse–having to call or email another employee with SAP access to validate pricing and availability.

Enterprise-grade quoting drives speed and accuracy

Ideally, quoting should be done inside your CRM but with the control and accuracy of your SAP ERP. That enterprise-grade solution would enable the tight linkage of quoting, pricing, ordering, manufacturing, shipping, and invoicing. It would also be done with velocity, unreliant on batch updates, pricing checks, or reconfiguration based on buildability. Because every transaction generates another transaction. And without tight linkages between systems, errors and delays can be introduced.

The only way to deliver this quoting speed is by virtualizing SAP data directly inside your quoting front-end experience (Salesforce or any other). That leverages the best-in-class engagement functionality of your CRM with the fiduciary rules and subsequent workflows inside the SAP ERP. 

Quoting speed drives revenue

Accuracy in configuration and pricing is critical to drive customers’ trust in your quotes. Your ability to shorten quoting timelines–while maintaining accuracy–is a deal accelerator. Quotes created and delivered in minutes delight customers and prospects and also limits their consideration of your competitors.

Improving employee productivity is another key benefit of improving quote creation speed. Its allows employees to deliver accurate, timely quotes in a fraction of the time–enabling them to support more clients and prospects and cutting down on log-jams and bottlenecks internally.

If you’d like to learn more about overcoming quoting complexity, check out this free eBook: What SAP Manufacturers Need to Overcome Quoting Complexity. If you need to eliminate a swivel-chair quoting solution, or build a powerful, integrated quoting solution quickly, let’s talk

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