SAP Manufacturers Considerations for enosix Versus Boomi SAP Integration

How You Approach Your Integration Impacts Data Accuracy

To keep up with modern front-end applications, enterprise manufacturers often rely on iPaaS (Integration Platform As A Service) solutions like Boomi to not only integrate front-end applications to SAP ERPs, but to unify critical data backend systems through their global organizations. But is an iPaaS solution like Boomi enough to tackle the complexity of the last mile SAP integration? SAP integrations aren’t for the faint of heart. The logic of your enterprise manufacturing configurable products is not something to be tackled at scale and iPasS alone won’t solve the problem.

When manufacturers look to connect systems with SAP, it’s critical to consider the architectural implications of synchronization versus data virtualization. Considering synchronizing data is a natural starting point. Architectures like the Boomi iPaaS platform are built with the goal of moving data between systems because, let’s face it, taking real-time data from SAP is difficult–especially when you are connecting to modern cloud apps and platforms. But even with near real-time synchronization, Boomi integrations become push-pull communication channels rather than dialogue-based processes.

The challenge with Boomi for SAP customers is that it’s ill-equipped for the last mile. That’s because the platform is built with the goal of moving data between systems–aka synchronization (or data replication). But even with near real-time synchronization, Boomi integrations become push-pull channels rather than dialogue-based.

What do we mean by dialogue? Here’s a scenario:

You sell to both Canada and the United States. Certain products are only sold in each country. When an order is created in the front-end system, and Canada is picked as the destination, the order workflow process should automatically present the consumer with products available in Canada–as defined in SAP–to generate a valid order. Using a process-based integration that leverages data virtualization means 100% accurate-to-SAP orders because the order process never actually leaves SAP–it is virtualized in the front-end ordering system.

Synchronous iPaaS Integration? Check Your Error Logs

Data synchronization, no matter how fast, is error prone because one system is just receptive, without a feedback loop. Invalid orders are caught in an error or exception log–losing valuable time and negatively impacting the customer relationship. 

That’s because iPaaS solutions and their communication channels weren’t designed to tackle complex, multi-input logic–like customer specific pricing or variant configuration (VC)–without SAP coding expertise and custom development. Leveraging a solution like enosix means prebuilt SAP Rapid Integration Objects (RIOs) deliver 100% accurate orders, 100% of the time because conformance to SAP business rules and logic are required to place an order.

Savvy manufacturers are ensuring they don’t replicate infrastructure in their front-end system and instead lean on data virtualization to maintain a single source of truth.

What other benefits does real-time data virtualization enable?

  • Fully Certified for SAP  ECC and S/4HANA 
  • Easy migration from SAP ECC to S/4HANA at a much lower cost (with enosix, integrations do not have to be rebuilt and are fully compatible on S/4HANA)
  • Supports complex configurable products and pricing, including SAP Variant Configuration
  • Eliminates SAP development complexities
  • Accelerates frictionless eCommerce & CPQ with 100% correct pricing and availability, 24/7

Leverage your iPaaS investment with enosix

Connecting to SAP data is often a last-mile iPaaS integration. But adding SAP into your integration strategy isn’t like adding any other app. SAP data’s nomenclature, connections points, and complex interdependencies require specialized IT talent. Unless you turn to an SAP integration expert, like enosix. enosix enhances your existing iPaaS infrastructure investment while enabling process orchestration through thoughtfully and specifically designed PIPs.

The combination of iPaaS solutions and enosix PIPs deliver the simplicity, value and speed needed when dealing with complexity that comes with working with SAP customizations. Using MuleSoft for iPaaS and not Boomi? We have a last-mile MuleSoft solution that connects SAP data to applications, resources, and devices, without coding  

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