Why Manufacturers Focus on Front-End Systems as Digital Transformation Projects

No matter what aspect of manufacturing you’re engaged in, you likely have multiple digital transformation projects underway at once. This can include ERP modernization, IT asset management, CRM upgrades/implementations, and more. And nearly all of those initiatives want access to SAP-based data, configurations and rules–making managing SAP data access a full-time job for multiple people in your organization.

Earlier in 2022, Garner released their Manufacturing Digital Transformation and Innovation Primer, where they lead with this graphic:

These themes are echoed by the CIOs we talk to every day. Balancing investments, resourcing, and prioritization on internal initiatives like ERP upgrades, connecting to new and modern front-end systems, and more. And, of course, addressing the ever-present technical debt that only seems to mount with homegrown applications and ever-changing business needs for modern front-end systems.

Regardless of what type of manufacturing you’re in, you need to focus on both manufacturing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Gartner cites truths that cut across all segments including:

  • Increasing efficiency of production and operations
  • Optimize how products are sold
  • Improve customer experience
  • Raise prices on products and services
  • Facilitate collaboration across siloed business functions and with external parties
  • …and more

Garner notes, “Thus, manufacturing and transportation CIOs need to look at how adopting new technologies can support changes to their business models and priorities and adapt to evolving market conditions and requirements. Acting as the orchestrators/coordinators of digitization initiatives, CIOs must work with business functions such as R&D, manufacturing operations, sales, marketing and finance to change, or even renew, operations and business models.”

Focusing on the Front End Means Leveraging a Unified Back End

You’ve invested significant time and money in your SAP ERP. Account-based pricing, regional discounts, volume purchasing agreements, variant configurations, shipping regulations and tax implications…the list goes on.

By ensuring all your front-end systems pull real-time data from SAP, you leverage your ERP as a single source of truth. It also preserves revenue by ensuring 100% accuracy on pricing and discounts–no matter the account, territory, volume, or configuration.

If you want to learn more about how enosix helps simplify SAP integration with front-end systems, check out how we do it.

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