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Key Takeaways:

  • Without SAP integration, manufacturing sales reps are trapped in a system that doesn’t meet the needs of the company or the customer.
  • Non-integrated systems require duplication of data and create pricing and configuration errors
  • Integration optimizes the lead to cash process
  • enosix provides a seamless process from quote to payment by enabling a bi-directional, real-time exchange of data between SAP and Salesforce
  • Integration maximizes revenue by maximizing opportunities
  • enosix ties Salesforce CPQ with SAP to provide the only proven solution for real-time custom price quotes.

Business is moving at increasingly faster speeds, and for manufacturers to provide the exceptional service their customers expect, quotes must be generated quickly and accurately. This requires a robust lead-to-cash process with real-time Configure/Price/Quote (CPQ) capabilities.

Without SAP integration, manufacturers using Salesforce as their CRM have found themselves trapped within a CPQ system that doesn’t provide the speed, agility, and real-time customization needed to keep customers happy and spur business growth.

Lack of integration with SAP means gathering data from disparate, siloed systems and manual input. Changes in one system have to be replicated in the front-end system, leaving far too much room for error – which system has the most up-to-date information? What about custom configurations?

The enosix solution gives manufacturers the power they need by bringing SAP data and business rules into Salesforce – in real-time – to not only enable your sales team but self-service e-Commerce options as well. There’s no need for replication or manual input, and the entire integration can be done in much less time and for less money than you would expect. Let’s find out how.

Optimizing the lead-to-cash process

An optimized lead-to-cash process delivers a seamless value chain from the customer to your business.

Data and application silos create bottlenecks in everything from lead generation to revenue management. This can negatively impact the customer experience, which ultimately impacts the bottom line.

A smooth lead-to-cash process can improve customer sentiment and engender loyalty. However, it’s also about maximizing revenue by capitalizing on every opportunity immediately: When a sales rep sells the wrong product or service, or fails to identify new or enhanced offerings, earnings suffer.

Customer satisfaction starts with accurate quotes delivered in real-time. Integration enables optimization of the lead to cash process by:

  • Utilizing your complex quoting and configuration logic already in SAP and making it accessible directly in Salesforce CPQ
  • Allowing you to leverage the data in SAP ECC or S/4HANA in Salesforce CPQ Cloud
  • Reducing the need for a high level of configuration expertise in quote creation
  • Eliminating redundant, duplicate work and errors. There’s no need to rekey orders in SAP, and improperly configured quotes that can’t be delivered are eliminated.

This lets you guarantee accurate pricing from SAP while ensuring that SAP will accept every quote and order created in Salesforce as you move through your lead-to-cash process.

enosix integration – for a seamless, accurate, connected experience

With integration, quotes can be produced in Salesforce that maintain established SAP custom pricing rules: customer-specific pricing, bundling, discounts, and any other existing scenarios in SAP. Instead of duplicating data across systems with a huge potential for error, you can set pricing rules in SAP that virtually guarantee your sales team presents accurate quotes.

Through the enosix framework, the Salesforce CPQ Cloud is extended to integrate with SAP for pricing and/or configuring materials utilizing SAP Variant Configuration. By utilizing material and pricing data calculated in SAP in real-time, Salesforce CPQ quotes have the data they need to be sent back into an SAP quote or order.

Orders coming into Salesforce CPQ can be converted into SAP orders with a simple mouse click and no additional processing. You can leverage the advantages and power of both applications, manage your entire data set, and reap the rewards of complete bi-directional integration.

enosix CPQ integration fully ties Salesforce CPQ with SAP to provide the only proven solution for real-time custom price quotes. It’s a marriage made in heaven: Once unified, Sales Cloud, CPQ (Revenue Cloud) and SAP VC provide true interoperability. This results in SAP and Salesforce working together, each program strengthening the other, so you can harness the power of all your data to deliver the ideal customer experience.

This means you can create and modify SAP quotes and orders right in Salesforce as well as:

  • Real-time order visibility: Views of SAP orders are available immediately after an order is placed
  • Eliminate worries about bad quotes: Because your Salesforce order entry system acts as though you were directly logged into SAP, there’s no out-of-date data to lead to quoting errors.
  • Shorten development and integration cycles: These cycles are cut dramatically with our pre-built solution that ties together any Salesforce Cloud (including CPQ) and SAP.

Our next-generation integration technology leaves behind the middleware solution to create a new standard for SAP integration. No replication with its associated errors. No months (or even years) waiting for your new solution. We’ll have you up and running 70% to 90% faster than any other solution.

enosix: Salesforce CPQ and SAP VC integration made easy

Leverage SAP data with Salesforce CPQ integration and eliminate dual maintenance, poor quoting accuracy, and improve not just the overall quoting process but the customer journey as well. Easily scale to accommodate complexity and customizations in SAP and multiple SAP back-ends with enosix integration. Learn more about how enosix can help streamline your quoting process and provide the kind of customer experience that leaves the competition in the dust.  Schedule a demo today.


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