Trick or treat: Is your SAP integration bolted together like Frankenstein?

It’s not uncommon for SAP manufacturers to feel like they’ve created (or inherited) a Frankenstein-like monster when they’ve tried to connect their core SAP ERP to front-end systems. The spooky result is a cobbled-together system that relies heavily on manual configuration, maintenance and upgrades. Much like the movie monsters – that can get out of control very quickly.


Bolted-Together Solutions Add to the Monster

Common frustrations with homegrown and not-fully-integration solutions include:

  • Struggling to provide a true 360-degree view of customers due to siloed data in SAP and the inability to provide that data to customer-facing teams
  • Sales reps forced to request help from someone with SAP access when they needed information to serve customers
  • Limited visibility of the customer in Salesforce–order history, quote history, invoices, deliveries etc. were locked away in SAP
  • Existing middleware solution was too expensive and not providing up-to-date data for users
  • Key information lives in 3,4, even 5+ systems that were never connected
  • Reps would have to “swivel chair” between SAP and Salesforce to see customer data during a live customer interaction and then manually enter information into the CRM
  • Custom quoting solution constantly breaks

The list goes on..but these all stem from a common problem: unlocking the data, and business logic, that’s built into SAP. It’s not practical to replicate those rules and data sets. But pulling data from SAP requires significant programming, testing, and specialized IT knowledge.


Banish Ghosts and Ghouls to Drive Profits and Productivity

All these issues–and more–can be quickly solved using Rapid Integration Objects (RIOs) which map and connect SAP lead-to-cash elements directly to leading front-end systems. Frankly, it’s what enosix does best.

The results include:

  • Increased sales productivity by having direct access to critical data 
  • 100% accurate quotes, created in minutes–not hours or days (up to 98% reduction in quote publishing time!)
  • Reduction in inbound call frequency and duration.
  • Increased adoption of customer portals and eCommerce solutions
  • Improved margins from increased pricing accuracy
  • Reduction in system errors and downtime–decreasing IT workload on maintenance and updates
  • Scalable solutions that work as front-end systems and the SAP ERP evolve
  • Average 74% reduction in project implementation timelines
  • Nearly 40% reduction in quotes requiring pricing approval


These are just some of the results that enosix clients enjoy after using our purpose-built framework to connect SAP (ECC 6 or S/4HANA) to front-end systems like Salesforce and others. 

If you’re ready to banish your Frankenstein-bolted integrations and enjoy faster time-to-value, improved responsiveness to client inquiries, shortened quote times, and easy evolution to S/4HANA or additional Salesforce clouds, let’s talk about how enosix can help.

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