True Salesforce Enablement With enosix CPQ and VC


Bi-directional integration enables your sales team to process quotes and orders with real-time SAP product pricing, inventory, and configuration data.

Integrating SAP ECC or S4/HANA with your front-end, CRM system is essential to the future of your enterprise. Having multiple systems with disjointed information is not only frustrating for employees but can be detrimental to operations. It can also have an impact on your customers’ experiences as they may receive inaccurate data, redundant communications, or incorrect orders.

Ensuring your SAP data is communicated to front-end CRM systems like Salesforce empowers you to react to customers in real-time with fully accurate quotes and orders. But the systems don’t talk to each other that way out of the box. It takes integration, middleware, and, most often, staffers re-entering data to unlock SAP inventory information and sales rules in Salesforce without recreating configurations and price books every time — and none of those solutions allows real-time data sharing.

There is a better way to make these two essential systems talk to each other and to enable your sales team with real-time pricing and inventory data directly from SAP: enosix Transact.

These pre-built solutions enable real-time, end-to-end, and bi-directional information sharing between SAP and Salesforce. The CPQ and VC modules are specifically designed to leverage SAP data for pricing and quotes in Salesforce, and then to enable Salesforce sales to be logged in SAP at the push of a button. Their prebuilt, modular design dramatically cuts down on the development and integration cycles, which reduces the time and cost involved with other integration solutions.

Let’s explore each of these solutions to learn how you can deliver the perfect customer experience with SAP data that is accessible in real-time across your enterprise.

Breaking down enosix VC and CPQ

These prebuilt solutions enable your Salesforce and SAP systems to work together in ways that would usually take hundreds of man hours of custom configuration or business process replication. With enosix, real-time data is available and updated as your sales team does its work.

  1. Accurate, real-time inventory and configuration information from SAP is available directly to your sales team in Salesforce
  2. Quoting and pricing rules set in SAP are enforced in Salesforce-generated quotes
  3. Approved quotes can be converted to orders in SAP at the push of a button.

Your enterprise likely offers new product variants constantly, tweaking features, components, and materials to improve and respond to customer requests. If this happens on any significant scale, updating multiple systems with this data is nearly impossible.

enosix CPQ allows all of these changes to be reflected in Salesforce’s CPQ product, while enosix VC supports the more complex cases for organizations that use SAP’s VC module (either in combination with Salesforce CPQ or not). In both cases, enosix can help you pull customizations, quantities, and discounts into one interface so sales reps can provide customers with quotes quickly and accurately.

Beyond accuracy and rules enforcement, the integration enabled by enosix VC and CPQ is easy to work with in your current workflow. Without the need to manage pricing rules and product configuration in multiple systems, employees can rest assured they are distributing the right information.

The integration also makes it easier and faster to process an order. With one click, you can convert an approved quote to an order in SAP right from Salesforce. This speeds up every aspect of the order process and increases customer satisfaction by ensuring they receive the right products with the correct pricing.

How it works

enosix’s bi-directional integration allows users to access and update product configuration and pricing data in the cloud in real-time. Getting started with enosix is easier and more streamlined than similar systems on the market and happens in three concise steps:

  • Install: The enosix framework is installed in SAP as a certified add-on that utilizes SAINT packaging within an enosix namespace. By generating ABAP objects, enosix unlocks SAP data for access in your front-end system.
  • Connect: Your Salesforce org and SAP are then connected either through an enosix managed proxy service or by exposing your SAP system via firewall and security rules.
  • Configure: Configure the accessible SAP data in Salesforce through tools like the Salesforce Lightning App Builder with a few clicks. Expedite your implementation time by eliminating time dedicated to coding and development.

enosix’s bi-directional integration boosts the accuracy and efficiency of how your enterprise operates internally and externally. Product variations and pricing rules are no longer a source of frustration and error. Additionally, processing quotes and orders more effectively leads to better customer relationships and loyalty. Contact us today to schedule a demo and learn how enosix can bring these benefits to your enterprise.


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