SAP CPQ Solutions – Quote Better, Faster

Improve customer responsiveness with real-time quoting

In 2020, it shouldn’t take an expert to produce a quote for your customers

Traditional middleware integration strategy for quote tools and CPQ systems requires maintaining a duplicate set of prices outside of SAP.  Imagine having to rebuild all of your customer-specific pricing, rules, logic, Sales Area info, etc. and maintain it in the front-end.  enosix eliminates the need for dual-maintenance and allows for real-time pricing simulation from any front-end, without the need to store any SAP pricing!

Get accurate quotes out faster

  • Your complex quoting and configuration logic is already in SAP – now make it accessible to your salespeople directly in the applications they use
  • Take advantage of modern sales tools while still leveraging your ECC system
  • Reduce the level of configuration expertise needed to create a quote
  • Eliminate duplicate work and errors from needing to rekey orders into SAP, and eliminate quotes that can’t be delivered because they were wrongly configured
  • Guarantee accurate pricing from SAP and ensure that SAP will accept Quotes and Orders due to Real-Time Validation during your lead to cash process
  • Produce better analytics, visibility, and auditability around your quoting process
Why it Matters?

The enosix solution allows for Salesforce CPQ users to create quotes in real-time from SAP—without moving, replicating, or exporting the SAP data and logic. Your complex SAP pricing rules and product configurations, including variant configuation, stay in SAP. This lets your sales team and even external partner channels create valid quotes based on the data in SAP. This pre-built integration reduces implementation time by 70-90% and delivers
must-have functionality not possible with other approaches.

Quote Solution Features

Seamless Quoting Experience
Maintain your pricing in SAP and leverage from the front-end quote tool, WITHOUT having to replicate all of your pricing outside of SAP!
Improve User Interface
Use our pre-built, but fully customizable UI interface for or integrate with the front-end of your choice using our REST API
Eliminate Dual Entry
Easily expand to allow order entry right into SAP by your sales team from the front-end system they use today

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