SAP eCommerce Integration – enosix Commerce

Bring your Commerce Cloud site to life by integrating to your SAP ERP

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Product Overview

  • Dramatically shorten development and integration cycles with our pre-built solution to tie Salesforce Commerce Cloud and SAP together
  • Ensure your Commerce site’s customer and product data is always up to date with SAP
  • Keep your customers happy with real-time, customer-specific pricing, and eliminate disappointment by guaranteeing inventory availability before they click “Order”
  • Create accurate orders in SAP as soon as a shopping cart is submitted, including accurate application of your pricing, tax, shipping, configuration, and other business logic that already exists in SAP
  • Reduce customer service calls by letting your customers see on the B2B site all of their order history across all channels – not just the ones created there – immediately after creation (not 24 hours later after a batch is loaded)

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Leverage SAP data for real-time integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Get started fast
Our pre-built APIs can get you live months faster than competing approaches
Improved data accuracy
Keep product and customer data in Salesforce up to date and give your customers real-time pricing and inventory availability using the business logic already in SAP
Convert shopping carts to orders
Create accurate, fully-qualified orders in SAP immediately upon checkout, with pricing, shipping, payment, and more

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