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Integrate your SAP/ERP system with hundreds of cloud-based applications

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Product Overview

Ensure connectivity between your on premise ERP system and cloud based applications. The enosix Connect platform provides a REST API wrapper around our SAP framework. Our library contains over 40 standard RIOs (rapid integration objects), and we’ve developed dozens more for customers with special use cases. With Connect, you can reduce the time requirements of your SAP System integration project by 70-90%, by calling those libraries from any front-end platform that can make a REST call.

Benefits of SAP ERP System Integration

  • Dramatically shorten development and integration cycles
  • Leverage the business logic and security rules that are already in your SAP ERP
  • Update your API end points in minutes when you make changes to ERP. Include support for develop/test/production pipelines.
  • 40+ standard RIOs (and dozens more for built for customers with special use cases) provide easy access to commonly used business objects (e.g. customer) and transactions (e.g. create an order). Unlike integration solutions that rely on the standard SAP connector, our API calls use easy-to-understand, simple field names.
  • Our SAP/ERP API end points run in your cloud environment – keep your data secure in your environment, except where you choose to expose it.
  • Developer-friendly API portal lets you see the API calls you have deployed, along with all the needed documentation. Test API calls right from the portal to simplify debugging.

Features of enosix Connect

Allow your SAP ERP system to access other applications
Leverage the enosix API
Scores of pre-built API calls with easy-to-understand, simple field names
Protect your data
Our API end points run in your cloud environment that only exposes the data that you want seen.

Developer-Friendly API Portal
Give your team easy access and documentation