SAP Real Time Integration – enosix Surface

Provide Real-time access to your SAP ERP data in Salesforce without middleware

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Product Overview

  • Real-time SAP data and business process in Salesforce without front-end coding or middleware
  • Live, read-only access to the data in your SAP ECC or S/4HANA system
  • Up and running in just days
  • SAP real time integration is great for providing data to your sales team, call center reps, and other Salesforce users
  • Virtualized data and also sync specific data that needs to be stored in Salesforce for other processes, reporting, or analysis

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Provide access to your SAP ERP data in Salesforce
Combine virtualization and sync
Only replicate data to Salesforce that’s needed
All the data you need
All your SAP lead to cash data (customers, orders, materials, invoices, and more) accessible to your Salesforce users
Go-live in days
No complicated integration efforts – we work with you to go live fast

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