Salesforce & SAP Real Time Integration

Provide Real-time access to your SAP ERP data in Salesforce without middleware

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Product Overview

With enosix’s SAP and Salesforce real-time integration, anything seems possible.

  • Real-time SAP data and business process in Salesforce without front-end coding or middleware
  • Live, read-only access to the data in your SAP ECC or S/4HANA system
  • Up and running in just days
  • SAP real-time integration is great for providing data to your sales team, call center reps, and other Salesforce users
  • Virtualize data and also sync specific data that needs to be stored in Salesforce for other processes, reporting, or SAP real-time analytics
Why it Matters?

Our SAP real-time integration makes it easy for Salesforce Admins and Developers to unlock data and business process within SAP. Simply click, drag and drop in a Lightning App Builder, no coding necessary. Most SAP integration projects take 6+ months. Because our solution is pre-built, and doesn’t require complex front-end coding, middleware, ETL tools, data mapping or syncing, we can have you up and running in as little as a day. enosix Surface provides real-time SAP access giving your Salesforce users a single source of truth. Service your customers better and sell more. It’s that easy!

Surface provides read-only data from SAP into Salesforce. It is a managed package that includes a set of Lightning Components. These are Salesforce components that can easily be drag & dropped onto any Lightning page by a Salesforce admin. These components provide common groups of SAP real-time data that users want to see in Salesforce.

We have a variety of configuration options so when you put one of the lightning components on a page, you can choose which fields you want to show or hide, based on which you use in your SAP system. Also, many of the Surface Rapid Integration Objects (RIOs) have the ability to add custom fields to them. So, if you have special fields in SAP that you use to store information specific to your business, you can add that to the RIO and then to the order detail lightning component through a configuration field.

Surface allows you to gain a complete view of the customer. You can search and display critical SAP transactional and master data such as: customer details with Sales Area, and Company Code views, quotes and orders with header and line item details, deliveries and invoicing, contracts and business partner records, and more. You can also drill down into order details such as order status, sold to and bill to, item details and delivery, delivery history and tracking information. This saves your company valuable time and money spent on tracking down this information from SAP, and allows users to stay in the front-end – Salesforce.

Surface can be used in just about any relevant Salesforce Cloud – Sales, Service, CPQ, Community (now called Experience), and Commerce. 

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Provide access to your SAP ERP data in Salesforce
Combine virtualization and sync
Only replicate data to Salesforce that’s needed
All the data you need
All your SAP lead to cash data (customers, orders, materials, invoices, and more) accessible to your Salesforce users
Go-live in days
No complicated integration efforts – we work with you to go live fast