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The Starter Kits

  • The enosiX Starter Kits are native apps with intelligent integration into your SAP system. Implementation is in a few hours with users enabled and working the same day. These Starter Kits are designed as a project accelerator to enable the quick achievement of fully customized solutions tailored specifically for your business.
  • Unlike other “Out the Box” solutions in the market, you are not stuck with generic features and functionality that may or may not work for your business. Customize your apps to follow your business process instead of customizing your business process to suit the apps. enosiX Starter Kit Apps reduce development time and cost by 80% by providing a fully functioning native app with full integration and UI.
  • Designed with instant gratification in mind, our native apps deliver the best user experience across any device. Lightweight and secure, providing solid business value, our Starter Kits enable you to boost ROI, user adoption, and time-to-value. Maximizing your current SAP investment; there is no need for middleware, no support pack prerequisites, no upgrades, no hardware required and very low deployment risk.
  • Build the foundation for your mobility strategy: Having the enosiX Framework in place enables agile custom development of enterprise solutions. The enosiX Framework brings Device Independence, Intelligent Integration for 3rd party solutions, Modernization, and the Freedom of Choice to your SAP system. Expand your horizons: Having deployed the enosiX Framework, Cross-Transactional and Cross-System integration is simple. For example: easily merge data from Sales, Finance, HR and your Salesforce CRM in one mobile screen!


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