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Real-time data integration is a game changer. For your business, it delivers higher overall profit margins, revenue gains, and operating cost reductions. Then there's the human side. It enhances our personal intuition, creativity, and communications with the speed, scale, accuracy, and efficiency of real-time business processes. The result is remarkable.

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ECC to S/4HANA faster with no recoding, no rebuilding.

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Flawless accuracy from quantity to orders.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Success Stories

No coding ECC to S/4HANNA amazes Bachem $10M in savings at Stanley Black and Decker 100% price accuracy elevates Sonny's processes Real-time data transforms Mannington Mills SAP and ServiceNow streamlines OT, big time

Future-Proofing ECC to S/4HANA In Two Days With Zero Recoding

Bachem, a leading pharmacy supplier, faced operational challenges stemming from disjointed Salesforce and SAP systems. Seeking to streamline processes and prepare for future upgrades, they turned to enosix for a seamless integration solution.


  • Disparate systems led to data inconsistencies and manual tasks, hindering efficiency.
  • Bacham aimed to consolidate operations, with Salesforce as the front end and SAP as both the screen and background, while also planning for an eventual transition to S/4HANA.


  • Bachem deployed enosix for Salesforce-SAP integration, selecting it for its ability to support both ECC and S/4HANA systems.
  • This decision ensured minimal recoding and provided a clear upgrade path to S/4HANA, future proofing their operations.


  1. Swift Implementation: enosix Surface was up and running within two days, enabling Bachem to realize immediate benefits.
  2. Deep Integration: Despite the complexity of integrating SAP pricing and custom processes, the project was completed within three months, with minimal reliance on internal SAP expertise.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: Bachem found enosix deployment to be highly cost-effective compared to custom interfaces and customer experiences.
  4. Enhanced Operations: The integrated Salesforce-SAP system empowered Bachem's sales team, improving workflow efficiency and customer experiences.
  5. Future Readiness: Compatibility with S/4HANA ensured Bachem's readiness for future upgrades, providing a strategic advantage.


Bachem's collaboration with enosix enabled them to swiftly overcome integration challenges, paving the way for streamlined operations and future advancements. By choosing enosix, Bachem not only achieved immediate efficiency gains but also positioned themselves for long-term success in an evolving digital landscape.

"Knowing that we were going to move to S/4HANA in the future was factored-in as an advantage in choosing enosix." – Fabian Huber, VP Global Marketing & Sales Enablement

Maximizing Margins: Stanley Black & Decker's Efficiency Revolution with enosix

Stanley Black & Decker, a leading industrial tool supplier, faced challenges with manual pricing processes and errors due to disconnected systems. Seeking to eliminate margin leakage and streamline operations, they partnered with enosix for seamless integration between SAP and their revenue platform.


  • Revenue teams lacked real-time access to customer-specific pricing within their CRM, leading to error-prone quoting.
  • Swivel-chairing between SAP and the revenue platform resulted in costly mistakes, inventory discrepancies, and wasted time on error correction.
  • The business demanded a solution to reduce margin leakage and improve operational efficiency.


  • With enosix, Stanley Black & Decker eliminated swivel-chairing and costly errors by gaining real-time access directly into SAP data.
  • Leveraging enosix's pre-built components for SAP integration, they significantly reduced development time and achieved implementation in under six months.


  1. $10M Margin Savings: Stanley Black & Decker successfully reduced margin leakage through streamlined pricing and accurate pricing.
  2. Rapid Standardization: The integration of SAP with their revenue platform standardized pricing and quoting processes within four weeks, with full data viability achieved in six months.
  3. Error Elimination: Direct data access from SAP ensured accuracy between systems, eliminating errors, and improving overall data integrity.
  4. Cost Reduction: Development costs for order creation were slashed by 75%, thanks to enosix's out-of-the-box functionality and rapid deployment.


By implementing enosix, Stanley Black & Decker transformed their operations, achieving significant cost savings, improved accuracy, and streamlined processes. With real-time access to SAP data and seamless integration between systems, they've empowered sales teams to close deals more efficiently and effectively, without compromising on oversight or accuracy.

"It is rare to find a company with a silver bullet like enosix that can actually deliver on what they promise." – Scott Dios, Vice President of Sales

Elevating Human Experience: Sonny's Real-Time Data Transformation with enosix

Sonny's, the world's largest conveyorized car wash equipment manufacturer, committed to delivering seamless human experiences, sought to integrate SAP ECC with Salesforce CPQ to provide salespeople and distributors with real-time pricing and inventory information. Facing challenges with a cumbersome quoting process and data mismatches, they turned to enosix to streamline operations and enhance customer interactions.


  • Sonny's aimed to simplify the quoting process and improve customer experiences by integrating SAP ECC with Salesforce CPQ.
  • Salespeople struggled to access accurate pricing and inventory data, leading to errors and prolonged quoting times.
  • Mismatches between data in SAP ECC and the previous CRM hindered efficiency and impacted customer satisfaction.


  • Sonny's implemented enosix, empowering salespeople and distributors with real-time access to pricing and inventory data within Salesforce.
  • The platform eliminated the need for VPN access and cumbersome processes, enabling quick and accurate quoting.
  • Distributors gained efficient access to information, facilitating prompt responses to customer inquiries and requests.


  • Expanded User Base: Sonny's Salesforce user base grew from a 5-person starter team to over 100, highlighting the platform's scalability and effectiveness.
  • Dramatic Time Savings: The time to generate quotes reduced significantly from 5 hours to just 10 minutes, enhancing productivity and responsiveness.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Both internal users and external customers now have the ability to create real-time quotes with 100% accurate pricing, leveraging proper configurations in SAP.
  • Improved Customer Experiences: By delivering accurate information promptly, Sonny's elevated the human experience, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.


Sonny's transformation with enosix enabled them to revolutionize their customer experiences by providing seamless access to real-time pricing and inventory data. By simplifying quoting processes, reducing errors, and enhancing responsiveness, Sonny's achieved significant improvements in efficiency and customer satisfaction. With a rapidly growing user base and streamlined operations, they are poised to continue delivering exceptional experiences to their customers.

"We wanted to be able to give our clients and distributors a far easier, more robust, simpler platform to work through quotes without having to reinvent the system and without having to go through any business disruption." – Tim Elhefawy, GM & VP, Parts Division

Revolutionizing Revenue: Mannington Mills' Real-Time Data Drive with enosix

Mannington Mills, a leading flooring supplier, aimed to empower sales teams with real-time SAP data and enhance human experiences through self-service portals. Facing manual processes and poor data visibility, they partnered with enosix to streamline integration between SAP and Salesforce and drive revenue growth.


  • Sales teams lacked access to real-time SAP data, leading to manual processes and frequent requests for pricing and stock information.
  • Existing integration systems were costly and inefficient, hindering data visibly and customer service.
  • Mannington sought to extend real-time data access to customers through self-service portals, but technical complexities posed challenges.


  • Mannington selected enosix for its expertise in SAP-Salesforce integration and its ability to provide true real-time data solutions.
  • With enosix, Mannington implemented seamless integration between SAP and Salesforce, enabling real-time access to pricing, stock, and order status information.
  • They extended real-time data access to customers through self-service portals, enhancing the customer experience and driving portal utilization.


  1. Cost Savings: Mannington saved hundreds of thousands in implementation costs and reduced the need for additional personnel by integrating Salesforce and SAP.
  2. Portal Utilization: Mannington saw a remarkable 250% increase in portal utilization and a 100% increase in portal users, highlighting the effectiveness of real-time data access.
  3. Game-Changing Pricing: Real-time pricing information, enabled by enosix, proved to be a game-changer for Mannington, leading to increased efficiency and competitiveness.
  4. Efficiency Gains: enosix's data visualization capabilities facilitated quick and simple data movement from SAP to Salesforce, resulting in significant efficiency gains for sales reps and customer service teams.
  5. Improved Sales Support: Sales reps and customer service teams experienced significant improvements in accesing product information, price sheets, and real-time order status, boosting compettivieness and success.


Mannington's partnership with enosix transormed their revenue-driving processes by providing real-time SAP data access to both internal teams and customers. By leveraging enosix's expertise and capabilities, Mannington achieved cost savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced human experiences, ultimately driving revenue growth and competitive advantage in the flooring industry.

"There are a lot of companies out there that say they can integrate with SAP and yeah, sure, the connectors are there. But there is more to connectors than meets the eye. It's the expertise to know how these two systems need to connect that makes a big difference. That means you don't have to leverage multiple partners to achieve your goals." – John Campbell, Senior Manager, Customer Technology Strategy

Streamlining Operational Technology Management: Leveraging enosix for Seamless Integration between SAP and ServiceNow

A global mining giant embarked on digital transformation, deploying ServiceNow's IT Service Management and IT Operations Management modules in 2023. To further optimize operations, they sought to integrate OT assets into their framework. However, accessing precise location data from SAP for OT incidents proved challenging due to complex equipment models.


Efficient incident management for OT assets requires accurate location data stored in SAP, but manual uploads were time-consuming and error-prone. The intricate SAP Equipment model complicated integration, hindering real-time visibility and impeding incident response.


To streamline OT service management, the company adopted enosix's Service Graph Connector for Operational Technology Management. This solution synchronized SAP and ServiceNow data seamlessly, eliminating manual uploads and ensuring 100% accurate, real time location information.


  • Elimination of biweekly manual uploads, freeing up SAP administrators' time.
  • Establishment of SAP as the single source of truth for equipment data with ServiceNow.
  • Significant reduction in OT incidence response times, improving service levels and operational efficiency.


By leveraging enosix, the mining company effectively extended its ServiceNow capabilities to include Operational Technology Service Management. This integration enhanced incident response processes, ensured data integrity, and generated substantial cost savings. With real-time access to SAP data, the company maintains smooth operations, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and efficiency.

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enosix for Salesforce

Real-time SAP data and functionality natively

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SAP and front-end systems don't always work well together. enosix changes all of that. We bring real-time and 100% accurate SAP data directly into the applications that your teams and your customers or distributors work in every day. Connect your SAP to any front end system.

We offer six core SAP-integration solutions:

The beauty of it all is this: No matter what you want to connect SAP to, you don't have to wait. You can do it today and there is no re-work, because it is pre-built for ECC to S/4HANA.

It's time to see the difference for yourself.

We can talk until we're blue in the face but until you see the enosix difference for yourself, you truly won't understand the remarkable power of real-time process integration and what it can do for your business.

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Average reduction in custom development


Accurate to SAP pricing, rules, processes, and triggers

Up to90%

Faster go-live speed compared to other solutions

Be sure to catch enosix at Knowledge 2024 - May 7-9, Las Vegas. Come and see how enosix real-time process integration with SAP is revolutionizing ServiceNow

"It is rare to find a company with a silver bullet like enosix that can actually deliver on what they promise."

Scot Dios

Vice President Sales

"We are getting more accurate information out the door … and we're delivering far better experiences"

Tim Elhefawy

GM & VP, Parts Division at Sonny's

"enosix's data virtualization capabilities make [integrating SAP with CRM] possible, quickly and simply. This has given us huge efficiency gains"

John Campbell

Customer Technology Strategy at Mannington Mills

"We were able to give our clients and distributors a far easier, more robust, simpler platform to work through quotes without having to reinvent the system or go through any business disruption."

Tim Elhefawy

GM & VP, Parts Division at Sonny's

"A quarter of my time each day was responding to emails, correcting errors, and issues. With enosix, there are no longer errors."

Scot Dios

Vice President Sales

"Knowing that we were going to move to S/4HANA in the future was factored in as an advantage."

Fabian Huber

VP, Global Marketing & Sales Enablement, at Bachem

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