B2B eCommerce for SAP Manufacturers: Challenges, Opportunities, and Revenue Impact

SAP Manufacturers with B2B customers have specific challenges when it comes to deploying an eCommerce portal. Massive numbers of SKUs, custom configurations and account-specific pricing and discounts are just a few.

When you run your organization on SAP, you have more challenges because you don’t want to recreate your product catalog, or rely on middleware to sync sporadically with SAP to pull pricing and configuration changes.

This manufacturing-industry-specific eBook covers:

  • Why self-service B2B eCommerce is essential to manufacturers
  • Your customers and distributors expect self-service
  • The business impact of adopting B2B eCommerce
  • Use SAP data to deliver a world-class eCommerce experience

For any SAP-based manufacturer struggling with an existing eCommerce platform that doesn’t (do it all) as promised, or anyone looking to implement eCommerce from scratch, this is a must-read. Simply fill out the short form on the right and the eBook will be automatically downloaded.

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