How to create a B2C eCommerce experience for your B2B company

Join us for a webinar on our newly released product: enosix Commerce

August 26, 2020 | 12 pm ET

As the joke goes, who initiated digital transformation at your company? A.) The CEO, B.) The CIO, or C.) COVID-19. As the global pandemic spread, businesses began to quickly react to the new reality by creating better customer experiences the only place where no one is socially distancing: online. However, for B2B enterprise companies in pursuit of an Amazon-like eCommerce experience, the process has proved more difficult than simply standing up an Etsy storefront. 

In this webinar, enosix CTO and Co-founder, Gerald Schlechter, and Sr. Solutions Architect, Ann Largent, will take a deep dive into our newly released Salesforce Commerce & SAP ERP integration: enosix Commerce. You’ll learn how to create a customer-centric experience by leveraging B2B Commerce and your other Salesforce clouds, while maintaining SAP ERP as the single source of truth.

You’ll also learn:

  • how enterprise manufacturing companies can invest in eCommerce to compete in today’s volatile market
  • how you can rapidly enable real-time SAP ERP data like customer-specific pricing, ATP inventory, shopping cart validation, and more inside your B2B Commerce site

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