Integrate Salesforce CPQ with SAP Variant Configuration


Integrate Salesforce CPQ with SAP Variant Configuration

November 19, 2017

This was our second year presenting at Dreamforce and we could not have enjoyed it more. This is definitely our favorite event of the year as it combines over 170,000 Salesforce users and partners for a 4 day experience like no other.

The topic for our speaking engagement this year was Integrating Salesforce CPQ with SAP Variant Configuration. Our real-time SAP Variant Configuration plug-in for Salesforce CPQ leverages your existing SAP Variant Configuration models including product characteristics, dependencies, and pricing logic withing native Salesforce CPQ screens.

Speaking along side Max Rudman, Steelbrick founder and VP Salesforce quote to cash made the experience even better.

Please click the link below to view our SAP variant configuration presentation on the Salesforce website

View Our Presentation on SAP Variant Configuration