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Owning the Heart: The Secret to Uncovering the Opportunities of Business Integration (Part 2)

July 31, 2019

Operational data in the back end. Customer data in the front end. Sensor data at the edge. Consolidating this growing volume of available information offers a tremendous opportunity for unprecedented insight, higher process efficiency, and next-generation experiences for your customers.

The key to succeeding in this new world of integrated intelligence – today and 15 years from now – is to own the heart of the business. It is the heart of your business where every solution in an IT landscape is connected and every data source is matched to the right business processes, in real-time. Your business depends on this ‘heart’. Businesses that ignore this ‘heart’, or don’t maximize its capability are left at a competitive disadvantage.

Solutions To Better Business Integration

Technology integration is in a state of continuous evolution. Applications have moved from a package for the IT team to install to a subscription-based capability running on a cloud platform that is automatically upgraded and configured. Plus, now IoT is real, and virtually every tool and asset that can yield insight is connected.  The entire network of solutions and deep business processes must be connected seamlessly, and instantaneously.

This is where enosiX comes in. Faster, easier, and more stable than traditional APIs, our technology unites SAP systems of record with front-end systems of engagement quickly to create a single foundation of intelligence. The business process orchestration inherent within SAP ERP is incredibly challenging for IT departments to recreate on the front end.  enosiX’s framework already handles this and virtualizes the data optimally for real-time, native accessibility inside modern systems of engagement.  Of course, syncing capabilities round out the enosiX offering for reporting needs which results in the solution for today’s digital transformation demands.

In return, you can avoid the inconvenience and complexity of building multiple APIs, each one coded to deliver a specific answer to a query. This approach is especially helpful when you have 25 different back ends, in addition to your system of record.

Whether you’re running SAP as a system of record or possess a high volume of transactional data, owning the heart of your business with enosiX technology leads to better user experiences such as

  • 360-degree view of your customers that provides visibility into account status, associated partners, sales history, invoicing, pricing, and credits
  • Bidirectional information exchange, which unlocks business processes in an ERP solution from SAP and customizes the user interface in front end systems like Salesforce, or SAP C/4HANA.
  • Integration of configuration, pricing, and quotation processes to convert quotes into orders in SAP ERP without additional data mapping and synchronization
  • Reporting of SAP and front-end systems data through a standard dashboard that provides accurate insights and eliminates the need to create custom objects for individual queries
Winning the competition with SAP integration

When it comes to the user experience, enosiX delivers what matters most – the speed and accuracy in which data is generated and delivered in a system of engagement. Our technology is designed to take care of all the blueprinting and mapping of the connections between these destinations. And for your business, this sets the foundation for future-proof operations, real-time insights, and confident decision-making.

In my next blog, we will explore a real-life scenario that shows how “owning the heart” of your business, can uncover a new world of opportunities for future business success.

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