Still Celebrating: enosix Wins the AppExchange Demo Jam


Still Celebrating: enosix Wins the AppExchange Demo Jam

January 25, 2019

It may be half way through January, but we’re still celebrating our big win at the end of December. Our Senior Solutions Engineer, Aaron Long, took home the coveted prize for enosiX: Salesforce’s AppExchange Demo Jam Winners!

Demo Jams are a game show style event where 4-6 Salesforce app partners showcase one product in a no-fluff, three-minute demonstration. The rules are strict: participants must stay within the time limit, and no slides are allowed. At the end, all the attendees vote on a winner.

The theme of the Demo Jam was, “Apps for 2019”. The line up included Ubisense, CloudKettle, AMC Technology, RollUp Helper, OneSpan, and enosiX.

Aaron presented our SAP Customer 360 App, showcasing how the app gives Salesforce users access to critical SAP data. Aaron opened up SAP, made a change, and demonstrated how the change was immediately reflected in Salesforce.

Here’s our best guess on why Aaron’s demo took home the grand prize:

  • He connected with the audience about what would matter most to them. For Salesforce users he said, “ … anytime your users are interacting with our app, they’re going to get the most up-to-date information because this is providing a window into SAP. You’ll have transactional records like SAP Orders and Invoices, and you can drill down into each section to see more information.” For Salesforce admins, the app is easy to set up and start leveraging. Aaron said, “Your Salesforce admin does not have to do any coding. They can make use of the Lightning App Builder, select the Lightning Components they’d like to utilize, and simply drag and drop where they’d like it to be on the screen. They also have additional capability to turn off and on which fields they’d like displayed in the app.”
  • He kept it simple, straightforward, and underscored why each piece is important to demonstrate. When the demo was over, the emcee commented, “the ease with which you did that, because you weren’t creating external objects, etc. … the ability to have those pre-set components, pull them in and put them exactly where you want them … I can think of so many different customer service and sales applications where you need to be able to get at that order information, materials availability, etc., and then the fact that you can configure it on the right-hand side–fantastic! You took literally months off of people’s integrations.”

Interested in viewing the winning demo from the AppExchange Demo Jam? We’ve sliced the recording to start from the enosiX demo, and you can watch it here

Congratulations, Aaron!

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