Case Study

Teletrac Navman Case Study

Teletrac Navman Creates Seamless RMA Process in Salesforce

The Challenge

Teletrac Navman is a leading software as a service (SaaS) provider that leverages location-based technology and services to manage mobile assets, such as fleet and asset management solutions. Their platform provides specialized solutions that allow greater visibility into real-time insights and analytics to help companies make better business decisions that enhance productivity and profitability.

Their enterprise applications team, with responsibility for both the SAP and Salesforce environments, wanted a replacement for their legacy middleware platform and needed to find a solution that was built specifically around SAP.

Teletrac Navman initially planned only to replace the integration between Salesforce and SAP in the areas of customer master creation and sales order transactions. However, they quickly found that reaching their goals required a complete digital transformation – one that would replace existing manual processes with a seamless SAP/Salesforce integration.

The legacy middleware, which was batch-job-process based, resulted in duplicate records that created a significant amount of rework for the back office. They also required the ability to initiate the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and replacement hardware process within Salesforce but integrate it to SAP, so the warehouse could both ship the replacement hardware to the customer and then track the return.

Ultimately, Teletrac Navman needed a solution that would allow them to not only create replacement orders faster and more accurately but also provide better customer service by getting the hardware to them quickly.

Teletrac Navman’s RMA Process

Teletrac Navman’s unique RMA process was bogging down. Customer service reps began the process by creating a Case in Salesforce’s Service Cloud and then copying the same information into SAP so the warehouse could process the order for replacement fulfillment and return tracking. This took extra time and led to rekeying errors that then needed to be fixed, leading to further delays.

Why They Chose enosix

To achieve the digital transformation they needed, Teletrac Navman knew they required a platform that would solve their complex integration requirements. The enterprise applications team quickly realized that the enosix solution would give them the ability to see instantaneous confirmation that a return or sales order transaction was processed successfully.

Even better, detailed information was immediately available at the point of data entry, if there was an issue in the creation of those records. This meant the team no longer had to rely on the back office to sift through error logs to figure out what went wrong.

“enosix is the bridge-builder between Salesforce & SAP.”

– Jim Johann, Director of Enterprise Applications at Teletrac Navman

The enosix solution also meant the support team would no longer have to navigate between two systems to create the case in Salesforce and then manually create the replacement order in SAP. The enosix platform allows them to enter the data once, and the entire process is communicated to every department that needs to take action on the systems they natively use.

The enosix Solution

Teletrac Navman’s new RMA Process with the enosix solution in place starts with a case created in Salesforce by a customer service rep. The rep identifies the unit that needs to be replaced, then clicks on “SAP replacement order” to initiate the enosix integration.

They then verify several pieces of information in the header before moving on to the item details — with the replacement unit material being pre-populated based on the asset identification. Next, they add the replacement part to the replacement order.

The enosix framework communicates these edits in a real-time, back-and-forth conversation between Salesforce and SAP. The rep simply confirms or updates the shipping instructions and then clicks the “Send to SAP” button, which creates the replacement order in SAP in real-time.

Taking advantage of the enosix framework allows us to rely less on custom development in both Salesforce and SAP to make these connections between our systems. It also allows us to see SAP order status in real-time without having to build those components in Salesforce to house the data. And going forward for future needs, we can easily connect other data elements between our two systems. We were able to eliminate not only the swivel-seat data entry but also the need to validate the same data in both Salesforce and SAP.

— Jim Johann, Director of Enterprise Applications at Teletrac Navman

Instantaneously, the rep sees in Salesforce that the SAP Sales Document was created. They have immediate access to the document number and can see any additional information on the line items that are being sent to the customer. In SAP, they know that the order matches the RMA generated inside Salesforce, ensuring downstream steps have all the right information. This makes the process simple, efficient, and seamless.

The enosix solution provides tangible, meaningful value to Teletrac Navman. Customer service reps can stay inside Salesforce without having to move between systems to service customers. IT no longer has to manage and maintain all of the SAP logic in another system.

They simply leverage the Salesforce front-end UI for real-time orders and contract creation, all initiated from Salesforce natively and validated against SAP. This calls for much less custom development than they would otherwise have needed to perform for these valuable features and functionality.

With this real-time integration, Teletrac Navman has cut down on errors and improved the turnaround time of their entire RMA process. They also saw a 40% reduction in annual support costs between Salesforce & SAP.

enosix is a game-changer for us when it comes to integration and front-end UI. It eliminated a lot of the custom development that would have been otherwise needed.

– Jim Johann, Director of Enterprise Applications at Teletrac Navman

Impressive Cost Reductions and Process Optimization

  • Teletrac Navman realized some important benefits after the speedy installation of the enosix solution, including:
  • 40% reduction in annual support costs between Salesforce and SAP
  • Optimized the RMA replacement hardware process in Salesforce to seamlessly transact to SAP
  • Achieved 360-degree view of real-time customer data in Salesforce
  • Contracts and amendments can now be created in Salesforce
  • Faster, more accurate orders that get to customers quicker

“The enosix technology allows us to do things in Salesforce that we previously couldn’t do, so we can still leverage the ERP logic and functionality, but we’re doing it from our customer engagement platform in the front-end”

– Jim Johann, Director of Enterprise Applications at Teletrac Navman 


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