Salesforce CPQ Cloud & SAP Integration

enosix has solved the complicated problem of integrating Salesforce CPQ with SAP ERP (including Variant Configuration), providing real-time data from SAP to truly unlock the power of Salesforce CPQ.

In 2020, it shouldn’t take an expert to produce a quote for your customers

Traditional middleware integration strategy for Saleforce CPQ and SAP ERP requires replicating pricing and configuration rules outside of SAP.  Imagine having to rebuild all of your customer-specific pricing, rules, logic, Sales Area info, etc. and maintain it in Salesforce.  Even if you can figure out the initial load, you still have to maintain all changes in both places, and there is functionality that Salesforce just can’t reproduce. enosix eliminates the need for dual-maintenance and allows for real-time configuration, pricing, and quote/order creation from Salesforce CPQ Cloud using the logic you already have in SAP.

How does it work? Through the enosix framework, the Salesforce CPQ Cloud can be extended to integrate with SAP for pricing (regional, customer-specific, volume-based, etc.) , and/or configuring materials utilizing SAP Variant Configuration (VC). By injecting material and pricing data calculated in SAP in real-time, Salesforce CPQ quotes are augmented with the necessary data to (upon approval) be pushed back into an SAP quote or order successfully. No more selling configurations you can’t make or going back to customers with a price correction!

Get accurate quotes out faster

  • Your complex quoting and configuration logic is already in SAP – now make it accessible to your salespeople directly in Salesforce CPQ
  • Leverage the data in SAP ECC or S/4HANA right in Salesforce CPQ Cloud
  • Reduce the level of configuration expertise needed to create a quote
  • Eliminate duplicate work and errors from needing to rekey orders into SAP, and eliminate quotes that can’t be delivered because they were wrongly configured
  • Guarantee accurate pricing from SAP and ensure that SAP will accept every quote and order created in Salesforce during your lead to cash process

Salesforce CPQ Cloud Solution Features

Seamless Quoting Experience
Maintain your pricing in SAP and leverage from Salesforce CPQ, WITHOUT having to replicate all of your pricing outside of SAP!
Easy-to-use Interface
Use our pre-built, but customizable UI interface for product configuration in CPQ
Eliminate Dual Entry
Allow order entry right into SAP by your sales team from Salesforce CPQ