Because Salesforce Field Service isn’t a full solution without SAP data

Put Salesforce Field Service to work for you by integrating to your SAP ERP

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Product Overview

  • Enable mobile workers to get customer information, bill their time, and order spare parts
  • Sync SAP Equipment to Salesforce Assets to capture the products each of your customers have
  • Keep SAP up to date with Field Service Work Orders and Service Appointments
  • Required parts on Salesforce Work Orders can be ordered in SAP
  • Ensure accurate updates to appointment and work order information, whether they are made in Salesforce or SAP  
  • Dramatically shorten development and integration cycles with our pre-built solution to tie Salesforce Field Service and SAP together

The visibility your team needs in Salesforce. Let your customer-facing employees easily find details on customer service contracts and equipment in the field, including serial numbers, installation dates, warranty information, and more. Let your field technicians easily search for replacement parts based on equipment serial number.

Track inventory where you want. You need to keep SAP inventories accurate, but you want to let your Salesforce users see and allocate inventory to work orders. With enosix , you can be sure SAP and Salesforce work together the way you want.

Integration that fits your process. Need to store SAP service orders as Salesforce Work Orders? Or maybe as Quotes? Need to track your parts inventory in SAP? Salesforce? Both? enosix has you covered.

You need to give your service team access to an easy-to-use front-end for managing appointments and work orders, but your data is trapped in your SAP ERP (ECC or S/4HANA). Salesforce Field Service is a great tool to improve employee productivity, get real-time visibility into your operations, and resolve service calls faster. But it can’t do those things if your inventory, invoicing, and other processes are locked inside SAP. Some attempt to duplicate their SAP business logic on the front end and keep these systems in sync via batch load, but this creates an untenable testing and maintenance nightmare.

The enosix team of SAP experts has successfully developed and deployed a solution that enables Salesforce Field Service users to seamlessly bring together the two platforms — without moving, replicating, or exporting the SAP data and logic. Your complex SAP rules and interactions with other parts of your organization (like finance and supply chain) stay in SAP. This lets your service team create and manage work orders, track parts and labor, and easily find customer information like warranty terms and equipment serial numbers. The pre-built integration reduces implementation time by 70-90% and delivers must-have functionality not possible with other approaches.

Field service is complicated. There are nearly infinite combinations of how companies can combine SAP and Salesforce to manage their service workflow. So, we’ve designed a product flexible enough to fit your process – no matter your specific approach to combining these two powerful applications.


Leverage SAP data for real-time integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Keep your workflow
Make your SAP integration work, regardless of of your workflow complexity and which pieces you want in Salesforce vs. SAP.
Get Started Fast
Our pre-built APIs can get you live months faster than competing approaches
Keep SAP up to date
enosix ensures SAP is up to date with Field Service Work Orders and Service Appointments