We didn't invent SAP Salesforce integration

We are just disrupting it

  • Why Us

    Leading companies are realizing that batch integration isn’t enough when it comes to your two biggest application investments, Salesforce and SAP. You need real-time, transaction based integration to drive productivity and better customer engagement.
  • Why We Are Different

    We have re-imagined middleware … for the better. Learn about enosiX’s disruptive approach to make sure your system of engagement (Salesforce) can access your system of record (SAP) in real-time.
  • For the Admins

    As a Salesforce admin or developer, are you able to quickly integrate Salesforce and SAP with the click of a few buttons and some slight configuration changes? We can. Learn how the enosiX framework will empower your Salesforce resources to deliver real-time, process-based integration out of the box. Your business owners will love you – even more!
  • Possibilities

    When you can access, create and read SAP data directly from Salesforce, the art of the possible expands exponentially. enosiX does just this.
  • It Is So Easy

    “But, it sounds so easy!” This is what clients say when we explain our approach to Salesforce and SAP integration. Then they ask . . . . Q: “What about security? Upgrades to SAP? Configuration changes? Custom tables and fields?” A: Check, check … check … and check!