SAP Cloud Integration Solutions

Modernize ECC environment / move applications to the cloud

The cool kids aren’t using transaction codes any more – it’s time to truly transform digitally

  • enosix’s SAP cloud platform integration allows you to start every integration with SAP business logic and SAP governed rulesets and even process orchestration pre-built
  • With SAP cloud integration and API management, you can add your SAP ERP to your API ecosystem
  • Your data is in ECC, but your employees use a wide variety of applications (web and mobile, hosted and on-premise)
  • Many of those applications would benefit from access to SAP data (including customer, material, supplier data, and more) or from being able to create transactions in SAP
  • You already have customizations in your SAP system, as well as add-on solutions for pricing, taxes, royalties, and more – leverage them all in a modern front end without re-building
  • Why make your employees switch back and forth to SAP (or have to ask someone with access); keep them customer-facing with SAP cloud integration
  • Eliminate duplicate work and errors from needing to rekey transactions into SAP
  • Or maybe you want to integrate SAP in real time with other automated processes/tools (ETL, workflows, data streaming, etc.)
  • Our platform lets you integrate SAP with any system that can consume a REST API

Why this Matters?

enosix brings comfort to ECC customers, allowing them to modernize their ECC environments and leverage current SAP innovation (e.g. the S/4HANA suite of cloud applications) in the interim while they plan their move to S/4HANA.

enosix enables SAP’s API Management service for SAP’s ECC customers. Our SAP cloud platform integration delivers a stable, modernized layer for process integration, which provides customers with easy portability from ECC to S/4HANA without needing to rebuild their integrations. This makes the move to S/4HANA purely a technical one. Analysts and customers have observed that enosix modernizes, and stabilizes the integration. Our vast inventory of APIs support “pre-built”, proven integration scenarios for sales, service, CPQ, commerce and others. This benefits SAP customers by accelerating time to value for new integrations.

SAP Cloud Integration Solution Features

Access SAP Info in Salesforce
Use our enosix Engage products to rapidly provide access from your SAP system to your users with pre-built front-ends
Surface SAP Data
Surface all the information your employees need from your SAP system, including customer, material, supplier data, and more
Integrate Your Front-End Apps
Use our REST API to integrate with a wide variety of front-end applications
Leverage SAP Business Logic
Take advantage of the custom fields and business logic you’ve already built in SAP

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