SAP Data Integration Solutions

Let employees see SAP data in the other web and mobile applications they use

The cool kids aren’t using transaction codes any more

  • Your data is in ECC, but your employees use a wide variety of applications (web and mobile)
  • Many of those applications would benefit from SAP data integration (this includes customer, material, supplier data, and more) or from being able to create transactions in SAP
  • Why make your employees switch back and forth to SAP (or have to ask someone with access); keep them in the higher-productivity tools by utilizing SAP data integration
  • Eliminate duplicate work and errors from needing to rekey transactions into SAP
  • Use our REST API to integrate with many front-end applications, including ones you’ve built in-house

Solution Features

Surface SAP Data
Surface all the information your employees need from your SAP system, including customer, material, supplier data, and more
Integrate Your Front-End Apps
Use our REST API to integrate with a wide variety of front-end applications
Leverage SAP Business Logic
Take advantage of all the pricing, quoting, and configuration logic you’ve already built in SAP

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