SAP Data Integration Solutions

Let employees see SAP data in the other web and mobile applications they use

The cool kids aren’t using transaction codes any more

  • Your data is in ECC, but your employees use a wide variety of applications (web and mobile)
  • Many of those applications would benefit from SAP data integration (this includes customer, material, supplier data, and more) or from being able to create transactions in SAP
  • Why make your employees switch back and forth to SAP (or have to ask someone with access); keep them in the higher-productivity tools by utilizing SAP data integration
  • Eliminate duplicate work and errors from needing to rekey transactions into SAP
  • Use our REST API to integrate with many front-end applications, including ones you’ve built in-house

Why this Matters?

The beauty of the enosix SAP data integration framework is that it allows your employees to stay in the front end system without worrying that the data they’re seeing is inaccurate, or out of sync with the back-end. And if you’re running SAP ECC, you are probably considering or concerned about moving to S/4HANA. Unlike middleware where you have to start over and rebuild every time, the enosix framework and connection is a lift and shift right over to S/4HANA from SAP ECC. The API exposed by our framework is effectively the same, so once we install the framework into S/4HANA, little to no changes are required on the front end to make the switch.

Solution Features

Surface SAP Data
Surface all the information your employees need from your SAP system, including customer, material, supplier data, and more
Integrate Your Front-End Apps
Use our REST API to integrate with a wide variety of front-end applications
Leverage SAP Business Logic
Take advantage of all the pricing, quoting, and configuration logic you’ve already built in SAP

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