SAP eCommerce Solutions

Build a scaleable eCommerce platform that enables online commerce for customers

Let your eCommerce platform speak SAP

  • Your data is in SAP but your customers and distributors are demanding a modern experience
  • Your product information and pricing rules are in SAP – leverage that investment in your modern eCommerce platform
  • Let customers place orders that are sent right to SAP for fulfillment, production planning, etc.
  • Access backorder information
  • Improve customer experience
  • Our SAP eCommerce solutions eliminate duplicate work and errors from needing to rekey orders into SAP
  • For Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, our pre-built integration lets you get full integrations up and running in just a couple weeks
  • Use our REST API to integrate with virtually any eCommerce solution, including ones you’ve built in-house
  • Guarantee that the pricing you provide in the commerce portal is accurate with real-time validation
Why this Matters?

With enosix’s SAP eCommerce platform, you’ll eliminate customer disappointment by guaranteeing inventory availability before they click “Order”. And as soon as a shopping cart is submitted, an accurate, SAP-validated order can be created automatically in SAP. After the order, you can reduce customer service calls by letting your customers see on the B2B site their order history across all channels – not just the ones created through the site. And they will be available immediately after creation – not 24 hours later, as they wait for a batch to be loaded.

Accurate shopping carts become accurate orders – in real-time. Give your Commerce site real-time pricing (including all your customer-specific pricing, discounts, and tax), and leverage the shipping, configuration, and other business logic in your SAP ERP. When customers call with more complicated questions, your sales team can see all your SAP quote-to-cash details (quotes, orders, invoices, deliveries, and more) right from inside their front-end systems! Because orders are validated against and created in SAP in real time, your custom business logic is automatically applied and orders are always correct. Our Commerce solution allows you to ensure your commerce site’s customer and product data is always up to date with SAP.

SAP eCommerce Solution Features

Activate eCommerce
Let your customers and distributors create orders in SAP right from a modern eCommerce platform
Leverage SAP Business Logic
Use the pricing, quoting, and configuration logic you’ve already built in SAP
Connect Your Front-End to SAP
Connect to Salesforce B2B Commerce with a pre-built integration, or integrate with the front-end of your choice using our REST API

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